T&J Salon: Digiperm and Color Combo (3.28.2015)

I've been a loyal Beauty Brick for so long now (well except for that unfortunate time when my friend and I went to this Ortigas salon for hair color we want to forget forever) that I was really skeptic in going to a new salon. An awfully near branch opened near my condo that convinced me to give it a try.

They have an ongoing promo for their opening, a 50% off discount for specific packages. I got the Loreal package that consists of:

PHP 1500

There's a lesser version of this but they said that Loreal has a much better effect so I just got that even though I went just because of that 800 peso package. 

I was really expecting to be the first customer being early and all, so I was really surprised seeing a lot of women there already. I was even behind a group of three girls I should have overtaken but then I am quite sure I will not hear the end of it.

When I was finally called, there were no violet robes available anymore so they just let me use those standard black ponchos. They asked if I would like to have my hair color changed too for an additional rate. I declined initially but thought best to have it while it's still 750 php. I picked Ash Brown (again, my frustrations obviously) even though my jet black hair wouldn't able to handle it (grayness only work with blondes, and I'm so not one). More on that later.

Here's a really quick enumeration of what happened (because I'm lazy as sh*t)

1. Blowdry (came hair damp already)
2. Application of color. Declined application on eyebrows for fear of irritation.
3. Clingwrap
4. Heater machine
5. Wash + Application of Treatment
6. Blowdry
7. Application of Treatment (probably for curling)
8. Clingwrap
9. Heater Machine
10. Wait forever
11. Wash
12. Lame attempt to blow dry and leaving
13. Wait another 2nd life.
13. 2nd lame attempt to blow dry only to be told I don't need to be dried
14. Curling Machine
15. Blow dried while at the curling machine (wtf)
16. Dipped curled hair at another treatment (with shoulder pans to keep from dripping on the floor, if memory serves the milky water was  called it naturalizer (shoes??))
17. Felt like sporting a yoke for a while due to the shoulder pans
18. Ushered to be washed 
19. Assistant asking 3 people if it's just conditioner or with shampoo, finally asked head stylist who happened to have gone to the wash area and said just conditioner
20. Blowdried hair but now in two large curls and separated at the end.
21. Applied some sort of styling cream
22. Walked out having hair still a bit damp.

I had an event for today where people complimented my new hair and thought it does look good most especially the color. I hope by Monday (when I can wash it finally) I would be able to keep the same style as it was when I got out. I hope 2250 and the hours spent of my life (11-4) is worth it. 

I know whoever you are reading this might be asking, so here's another obligatory After Photo:


  1. so how was your hair come monday after you have washed it? :)

    1. it was still nice. although I noticed it a bit dry compared to my first perm