Where have Asus Gone in Megamall?

Heavens, I love my new keyboard. I missed you so bad laptop!

It was last week when I got my laptop spilled over. I was pouring water to my glass only to realize too late that I was pouring it on my keyboard instead. Boyfriend told me to put it with rice but I couldn't since what I have are red and brown rice. It would be such a waste. I did tipped it over to dry but unfortunately when I opened it a day or two later, it had important keys that weren't working. I didn't realize it at first but it wasn't until I can't get in using my password and it kept on saying it was incorrect. Ok then, my letter L doesn't work. Dang it.

My sister taught me a trick of using an onboard keyboard upon login so I was able to and lo and behold a lot of keys does not work anymore. Alt Tab, numbers, letters O and P, amongst others. So for my last resort I started calling Asus.

Now the problem is, their site have a number that doesn't work. I went there today looking for the Asus support shop but it wasn't there anymore. It was funny that when I asked the guard he pointed to me the kiosk right in front of the information desk where I was standing. I swear I've walked twice but never noticed it.

The guy there then forwarded me to a shop that didn't look anything like an Asus Support Center, Gigaplex. They say their support is there nowadays.

So after office I brought my laptop and had my keyboard changed (2800 php for the model I have). I didn't bother having it checked since my unit is still working anyway.

I wouldn't know why they don't have their store anymore, probably it was harder to keep their own, but anyways, if in case you needed Asus support around Megamall area, it still exists in form of Gigahertz. It is around the area where Globe is.

Here's their store number; 09178789511