TME: My Las Pinas (Moonwalk-BF Resort) Mini Fieldtrip (1.25.2014)

I got one of my wishes early this year by finally getting my long standing request of visiting the hometown of my bf. He showed me around, introduced me to his sister and one of their dogs and have finally seen their house. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet her mom that time because we have missed her twice on different locations. More on that later.

It was a Saturday noon, around 4 o'clock. We got an Alabang Bus and arrived at Moonwalk past 5 pm. Our first stop was Nature Church. It had high walls but you can already see by the facade it has a tall tree and even hear faint sounds of birds.

When I saw the actual church I was blown away. It's a really large Bahay Kubo, it doesn't have walls and the chairs are tree stumps. The lighting looked like birds circling the entire roof. It was just beautiful! I bet it would be more amazing at night. The place is also huge: there's a chapel, a reception area (there's an ongoing event) and a small cemetery. We tried to stay for awhile to wait for my boyfriend's mom (she attends at 6) but after a while, we unanimously decided to go ahead to their house and meet her (and his sister) there.

We strolled, which probably took much time because we just missed her mom when we arrived at their house. I was finally able to meet her ever smiling sister together with one of their dogs, who funnily shied away when she saw me. We stayed there for awhile (snapped a photo of his in high school, it was so cute!) and left to resume the field trip.

We then went to BF Resort and he took me to see the other church they go to because it was nearer their house. Going there, small coffee shops and restaurants abound. I could only hope that to be the case in our own subdivision.

Kat's Cafe

 A small coffee shop he recommended having really good matcha. I bought us cream puffs which was surprisingly not sold in a box of 6, rather by 5s and 12s. They have two 'flavors' nutella and caramel, bearing different prices however, I wasn't able to taste any difference. I was hoping that the flavor was beyond the wavy design on top. It's 270 for a box of  5,  caramel and another box of nutella. They allowed my request to mix those in their two boxes (one for me to take home and another for bf and family).

I tried to salvage the design of the cupcake. I swear it's much more presentable when I bought it!

On the other end of the building is an extension of Kat's, serving drinks, sandwiches and cupcakes. I just bought one this time, midnight cupcake was the name I remembered. It was just too sweet and the crunchy ball which I thought was Ferrero (it wasn't) had a taste I'm not sure what. It was fragrant though. I might have to have bf buy me different flavors to be certain. I was barely able to take it safely home though since the box kept on opening up.

There's already a handful of restaurants here but it doesn't end there. He took me in another area (just a few steps out of the village, but from Kat's we needed a tricycle) and yet there were more, and this was also our last stop for the night.

Crave's Burger

Reagan is a pizza guy, while I'm more for burger. So he had this idea to treat me to a burger shop I haven't tried before: Crave's.

In eating large burgers, I tend to flatten the burger to fit into my mouth and my hands. Reagan followed suit (although he recommended having forks and knives first). The taste was just okay, but I was a bit disappointed with the patty. It might have been because I smashed the burger flat but then other burgers don't break apart from my experience. Plus, I'm not impressed with the quality of the bread which is not as sturdy as it should. This then made it harder to eat and messier to boot. But with the price though, I might just as well go to Chili's instead.

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