Gloomy Day at Sky Ranch (9.8.2013)

There's not a lot of places to go to Tagaytay and it's a shame that even if we live in Cavite, we haven't been to Sky Ranch since it opened. So on one Sunday (I drove most of the way) we went there without actual plans.

View inside the Sky Eye

Entrance Fee is supposed to be 100 pesos but we got a discount for 50 pesos each. Little did I know that everything is just extremely expensive inside. Most of the rides are 150 each!! Imagine if you have tons of kids!

I don't have a liking for rides anymore but I've wanted to experience their so called Sky Eye which rivals the one at MoA. After which I've decided that MoA Eye is more worth the money than this Sky Eye. Not only is it so narrow inside but there's this huge pole in the middle that it's impossible to sit more than 4 average people.

One of the best features of the Sky Ranch is that you are overlooking the small volcano without obstructions and best of all, all facilities are quite new! They also have a large outdoor convention area. I can imagine people getting married on, with guests having a good time with the Sky Ranch's theme park rides.

If you change the color to pinkish, I would imagine a large shrimp :-D

If it's possible, go have lunch elsewhere first since there's only a few small food stops here and one KFC that is open. Maybe in a few months it would be much more packed.