Juicy Pork at Ginza Bairin (08.03.2013)

It's been a long and overdue makeover for Glorietta (probably the only good thing after the unfateful blast) and one of the changes in their store line up is this Pork Katsu restaurant we have not tried before, Ginza Bairin. While Japanese restaurants most often mean sushi and ramen, here's another restaurant that highlights Pork Katsu on a visit. And speaking of visits, don't wait too long to decide in having a seat down. That precious time will only cost you a seat as they end up full house.

Your eyes are not fooling you. The photo is indeed a bit blurry. I was in a hurry eating!!

There are 3 katsu specials, one with rice, a donburi bowl then as a sandwich. We opted for both Kurobuta Rosu Katsu sets (595 php) which come with miso soup, a bowl of rice, fruit of the day and shredded cabbage, which just like in Yabu, in unlimited servings. You also get sesame seeds and cabbage dressings readily available on the table (see first pic).

At first you'd hear a slight crunch, then the soft pork's juices on your tongue. You won't need to chew much as it is really soft and juicy. It's unfortunate that they only offer a small bowl of rice, I would have asked for another one if it's as unlimited as the cabbage*.

We ordered gyoza (150 php) as well, comes in 5 pcs and stuck with each other. It takes a bit of effort just to get a piece. It's just okay, nothing to be missed.

Another unlimited item is their house tea, but you may have to test it first to know if this is something you would drink. It's not sweet nor bitter and I can't think of anything to compare it with. Maybe it's better if served hot.

Like I've said earlier, the house gets full easy and I appreciate how we were accommodated first before the couple who suddenly wanted to list themselves when they arrived (even though I've been waiting to be listed myself). It's a bit rude if you ask me but I appreciate how the usher have noticed me standing there for a while. This is not to be said to the experience of the guy on the next table who had to make a scene complaining to the manager on how they were bumped further from the list. I don't know about him, but if they're the listed couple who was repetitively called for but showed up ages later, I believe they have no right to complain.

Their menu is just too limited, I don't see myself going there just to try the Sandwich or Donburi. They don't even have lovely desserts that would have completed our meal so the recurrent visits may be far from the future. Loved the pork but hey, you won't have the same meal over and over right?


*FYI. Japanese rice is intrinsically expensive in real local Japanese restaurants. Don't be tempted :-D


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