Problem Solved: Fast Duplicate Finder

Is your machine filled with duplicate files? Were you in frenzy copying files to and fro different folders and forget where these might have gone? Are you starting to arrange your files but is stuck on the ordeal because of duplicates?

I said yes to all of those and just this free day of mine I decided to put an end to to it. My drives are all filled with duplicates that I have now no idea how to arrange them all. So I went to look for a duplicate finder which is much better than the old one I had which only looked at the similar file names so I ended up checking each picture, the purpose already was defeated.

Fast Duplicate Finder is different, it checks sizes, times and assess how similar the files are. They also provide deletion in batch so all you need to do are a few clicks and you're done.

I only downloaded a free version so there's a few limitations I can work with. Here's a list from their website:

Download your free version on this link below: