COMS: Ramen at Ikkoryu Fukuoka

On the new East Wing of Shang-EDSA where everything is shiny and new lies a Ramen house that is generating a lot of traffic lately: Ikkoryu Fukouka.

For our lunch we both ordered Ajitama Ramen. It's a bowl of milky soup with a piece of pork and an egg sliced in half to reveal the soft boiled yolk reminiscent of the one at Sentouka. The noodles are sticky and thin and slippery I forgot how to use chopsticks for a while. The soup was good as well, although it made me want to eat more meat :-(. At the end we decided the best way to 'beat the system' (when ordering with a date) was to order a bowl of Chashu serving 3 slices of pork and Ajitama for the egg. This way, you can have 4 slices of pork and a half of egg each :-D. The best part about this plan is that they have the same price of 330 anyway.

We also had their gyoza (150php) which comes in an even number of 6. I particularly liked that it's even because we don't need to justify who gets the last piece. Unlike most gyoza that are steamed, this is both steamed and fried. It kind of diminishes the taste I can't even remember it anymore.

At the end of the meal, I requested for dessert. I got Sea Salt Caramel (100 php). Bf got Ice Cream Shiratama Zenzai (180php). The name is really fancy, although it's just an upgraded version of Shiratama Zenzai (130php) but with ice cream. Although he enjoyed his ice cream, (I tried it but I can't sense where's that Green Tea they talk about), I liked my sea salt caramel best. It's a flavor I've never tried in any ice cream shop and something I would like to come back for. I never thought the combination could even work!

Sea Salt Caramel: What it lacks in looks packs in flavor!

Cold Ice Cream, Red Bean Paste and Hot Mochi Balls

Prices are good. The serving of the ramen can be shared if you wish. And as you can see from their gyoza, you get more with the same price compared from other restaurants. Although the ramen isn't extraordinary, it won't disappoint you for the price. And do try their Sea Salt Caramel!! It's amazing!