Concerts: The Blockbuster that is Mraz (5.14.13)

Two of my officemates are die hard fans (they won't find this blog anyway haha) of Mraz and they were very keen in his second coming (ba dum tss!). They didn't have very good seats last time so we spent more than we should, garnering seats at the pit, perfect to see him in person.

It was raining that night and it was unfortunate for the throng of fans lining up just to get in. We're lucky to get in as quick with the tickets we have AND, what do you know, they allowed our camera in yay! I thought the guard haven't noticed it so we snickered that we 'sneaked' the video camera in so imagine it wiped out when the girl in front of us by the door has a tripod tucked in her arm. What the.

I could not believe how many we are inside!! It's ridiculous how Araneta was filled to the brim! So this is the effect when you watch a really popular act :-)

I am not exactly a Mraz fan but I admit to admire at an unusual thing he did that night. He actually introduced Zendee as his front act! Imagine how everyone was surprised seeing him on his own, asking for an applause to Zendee, who, is not even a quarter of his popularity. Some celebrities ought to learn from this guy :-)

The camaraderie of Jason and his band reflects how good his music got because you can see how everyone of them on stage having fun. They even have solos of their own at certain parts of the concert to highlight their skills. I would have had tons of fun too, if only the girls in front of me stop dancing to every single tune. Why am I always subjected to these types of people I don't know. Even for slow songs they kept on dancing. What gives?

Okay, so even if I enjoyed the entire thing, I am not yet converted to becoming a fan of his. Although, somehow he works for me live even if majority of the songs I've no idea of. I don't even need to think twice if I'd watch a concert of his again. :-D

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