COMS: Savory Overload at Buffalo's Wings N' Things

Before watching Slash, we decided to have a quick dinner at Buffalo's Wings N' Things at Megamall. I had my office mates eat here once but the price of buffalo wings is just not proportionally equal to servings so we didn't eat here again. My bf hasn't tried it here yet, and I really liked their nachos so I recommended us there.

Well, other than the Buffalo Wings, Nacho's with dip are served generously per order. Nachos taste the same anyway, but here's a photo to stimulate your tastebuds.

Unlike my first time, we now opted one order each. Be aware that when they say they have 6 pieces per order, it's actually 3 wings chopped in half. However, if you can take the pricing, it is wonderfully flavorful. If only the price could get lower. We got their basic buffalo sauce, not even close to their extremely hot sauces available.

We also got curious with their Mini Burgers. When it arrived, we wished we didn't order one each :-(

We're already full by then but we were surprised by their crew when they gave us free NY Cheesecake ice cream each. They say it was because the burgers took long (apparently their grill malfunctioned). I'm a bit biased with the ice cream's taste though. It was so perfect in my tongue, I finished my cup; else it was coz it's free. 

Reagan and I plans to gradually try their sauces until we reach their very extreme ones. I hope we survive Nuclear and Gangnam.