TIB: Kris Aquino for Governor (?)

Wait what?

That was probably the hardest line I've ever typed today.

Kris Aquino for Tarlac Governor.

Wait, I need water.

Okay, here it goes.

First of, I'm not from Tarlac so I couldn't care less, I mean, Cavite's my hometown for a long time already (though I rarely visit anymore) and (whispers) there's a lot of things needed to be fixed there too, but you know those big fires that started from a single candle light, a small firecracker, or, or!! A cigarette butt that more often than not, cause headline type of fires? Yeah. That's the best metaphor I can come up with. And I don't know about you but it's really scary. Philippine politics has been the longest soap opera we've been forced to deal with for our entire lives and here's a new cast who will totally be the icing of the cake, like in a bad way.

I'm trying to be rational about this, like well, let's just try to forget the scandals for a moment here. Nope. Not possible. And you know hardcore drama is really not my thing so... having her on board is just too much to take. 2016 is 3 years from now, and thank heavens, we only have elections every 3 years so we're pretty sure that that date won't be moved, BUT STILL.

OMG. I just had a thought. At that time I'm at my marrying age. When she 'matures' in that position, pretty much assuming she wins, (what, Governor, agad?) heaven knows, she may get an express pass to run  Senator right after (not possible? Really? How about Bam Aquino, eh?) and I'm afraid to type the next lines, but my future sons and daughters will have to deal with this and I'm much more afraid of that happening!! I fear for my egg cells already.

Hmm... Maybe this will convince my bf for us to migrate?