COMS: IHOP: The Pancake Trauma

There was no contender especially when staying at Seda, on where we plan to eat our overly delayed lunch (it's almost 4pm). We didn't have plan B and thought we give Ihop a try. We always heard how horrible the lines get and we are ready to move on to somewhere else. But when we arrived, a miracle happened and there were plenty of seats! We even get to choose a couch at the 2nd floor. Cool!

There were plenty of dishes on the menu and it took a while for us to choose. I chose Rooty tooty: a small serving of pancake with choice of flavor (I had blueberry compote) plus sausage, scrambled egg and bacon. My bf had Newyork cheesecake for his pancake. He thought he had the same order as mine until we realized he is really only getting pancake. Good thing we also ordered chicken strips with fries!

We are not aware that they have crepes, but seeing that Nutella Crepe is in the menu, we had that also.

So it's true. The painful serving time is really awful. We ordered 4:14 pm, the dishes came a few minutes before 5. If you are on your first date with your crush that would essentially feel much more longer, 5 years if with an enemy. When the food came, only 3 arrived, remember we expect 5 plates. My 'breakfast' plate came (2 sausages, one scrambled egg, pcs of bacon) and the appetizer that is not appetizing anymore, chicken strips and fries.

Ok, so the chicken strips are nice but for an appetizer coming this late, this will not fuel our appetites anymore. New York cheesecake pancake came next (that is we're already halfway with the two meat plates) and after a follow up and half a piece of crepe later, my blueberry pancake finally came (after a follow up)

I regretted that though :-(. It was too sweet, I feel my teeth about to fall out. I tried all three available syrups: Old Fashioned, Butter Pecan and Strawberry and it didn't made my pancake better. What I didn't like about it too is how the batter was crumbly. I only managed the sides of the pancake and I'm done. Reagan tried to finish his and this rarely happens, he is giving up on his dish!! I forgot if he managed the last bite, I was already about to run out of the store.

When our bill came, the waitress asked If I want my pancake wrapped for take home, which I declined. I know I wouldn't eat it anymore :-(.

Of all the rave the store is getting, there is little to be loved with their pancakes and I honestly wonder why.

I'm not trash talking IHOP, no, really. The Nutella crepe is a nice simple dessert, the eggs in my plate are fluffy (and cheesy) and the chicken strips are also nice. I'm just not into their pancakes, sorry. And their serving time too.


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