Living Independently: EP01 First Night

I never experienced living out of the house before (other than vacations) and my first of nights was so hard to believe at all. I also thought I was prepared as I could ever be yet Not soon as 5 minutes I found out how I neglect in bringing a lot of stuff. There are also a lot of things to be considered too!


So I was settled, watching TV for the first time in an hour I used to still be at a bus commuting home and was overwhelmed by it. I sat down around 7 pm and was shocked that it's already 9 and I have no dinner. My area is peppered with so many food choices but I chose to not go elsewhere. Instead I was saved (for today) by the leftovers by my officemate who didn't want to take it home. Later on I realized I should give in to buying myself food which I have to prepare for just one. At least I won't be feeding other people.


For someone who spent a long time of getting by each day commuting the time that I am now bestowed is by far the biggest perk. I can now sleep early and still do the things I want!


Just how many times do I feel like someone is sneaking in? There were even nights when I am comfortably snug in the in the bed only to get up a second later because something hit the window. I will go check all the doors and windows and do the same downstairs. I do the same the first time I walk in the door and before I leave it so you could say having a space too large has it's cons.

Things I forgot to bring on my move:

1. Slippers

2. Not enough clothes
Well I thought that laundry is supposed to be ready the next day but it seems that the laundry near us takes 3 days to wash them :-(

3. Own utensils
My mom wants me to lessen my use of their stuff (the unit came fully furnished)

4. Dish washing liquid/Sponge/Laundry stuff for undies :-P

5. Water
Obviously my first night I was so dehydrated.

6. Food to prepare


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