TimeSpaceApp: Manga Rock 2

I used to be an anime fan back when I was younger and although it have wained big time, I still could not resist the opportunity to read manga for free. Yes for free.

Manga Rock 2 offers Ipad users to enjoy translated (scanned) mangas that you can read direct from their app. Here are the things to love about it:

1. For as long as you have a connection, you can read any manga you want.

2. You can also 'download' manga directly from the app for offline reading. To 'save' more on your Ipad, you need to buy the full version. However, if you are like me who have is not updated to the latest manga titles, you will stick to the only few left that are still ongoing. One trick I learned is that after I finish an entire manga run, I delete it immediately so that I can still download a new title to read offline.

3. They update you automatically of new chapters when available.

4. Nice and responsive interface.

5. Very easy to use.

6. Ads can be easily ignored and the chances of you accidentally clicking the annoying ads are very slim.

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