SNAP: Stores to Remember at ATC

Last last week, I have the sudden urge to go to ATC. I have a lot of pendings at that mall lately so I convinced the family to come with. I have both my parents do the grocery while me and my sister scour the mall for my old favorites and the new shops I need to check.

When they've rearranged my favorite shops...

First stop was National BookStore. As I've said in this link before, they do have a lot of crafty items back in the day (lols, around 3-4 years ago) and I was disappointed for a lot of things. For one, the store, the huger one is closed :-( It used to have a dedicated lower ground floor where I got my first miniature DIY box set. If you have no idea what this is, it is my current obsession. Stay tuned for I will describe them later below. I was also burning scrapbook money so much there before that I even surprise myself how much I am buying. Currently however, the store they are now officially in have none of "my" old stuff anymore :-(

On the way to my favorite cookie shop is The Etude House. I'm a regular customer there at Dasma branch but it's a bit inconvenient for me to go (my current stuff are running out) so I took the opportunity to buy my few facial cosmetics: moisturizer, bb cream and lipstick. I changed bb creams because the first one is an annoyance because it kept on spitting out too much and the pad kept sticking out. I bought this one named PRECIOUS MINERAL BB CREAM BRIGHT FIT HONEY BEIGE W24 instead.

I also tried a different moisturizer this time even though I found no problem with the old one. I would just like to try to lighten my facial skin a bit because I hate using powder :-D. The only thing I hate about Etude is the price. It's rare to buy anything here (well I shop only once in a while once stocks are depleted) but still, 2k every visit? Insane. Totally. (What I liked though is every time I buy something I get to take home a freebie :-D)

When I used to work there in Alabang, I used to frequent Bread Monster whenever I feel stressed (or sometimes at Sebastian's). You could say I was happy to find the store is still here (although they moved further from the door now) and bought my favorite smores cookies (retail price 30++). I also bought nutella cookies (but didn't like it as much) and was nostalgic about it when I ate it home. Too bad they didn't have my favorite chocolate muffins that time :-(

Two new instant favorites

As you have probably seen before, I'm into polymer clay lately and is now reviving a craft I only get to try once. So when I found this shop online, I was ecstatic.

Shmily Arts and Crafts Store holds different types of, well, crafts. They have two branches, one in Manila and one in ATC. It is a small shop where you can find a few things you can use for crafting especially polymer clay. I especially loved their mini cabinets where you can display your mini cakes! I bought my hollow acrylic polymer clay roller here as well for 300+, cheaper than the filled one but achieves the same job. But what got me excited was this:

I always thought that all minis are supposed to be frame type (see left) but then there's also a box type which I would to love collect! On the photo at the back of the box there are 6 of them which would look good when stacked on top of the other which can make it like a real doll house :-D. What's more is that they're on sale and I find it a steal for 190 php each (orig. price 300+ for frame type amd 400+ for box type).

To go there, find the food court, look at the right side where there's an alley of tiangge, turn a left until you reach it midway. The store is on the right.

Here's their website for you to drool on.

I love pastries and my bf used to tell me of this bakery that serves nice cakes. It's a French-Korean bakery called Tous Le Jours.

The smell inside the shop is so overwhelming and the flock of Koreans here add to the 'authenticity' of the place. We were able to buy just breads this time (this was the last shop we visited and I've already spent so so much) but they were awesome! I especially loved their spicy bun which I forgot the exact name (but it has this spicy meat filling which complements the bread perfectly. I will surely go back here to buy myself an artisan cake on my birthday! :-D

To go there, find Powerbooks which is just one branch at Cortes de las Palmas (or so I remember). You shouldn't go far beyond the bookstore to not see it.

Their now Christmassy website (obviously I've been looking at their site for a long time) here.


  1. ATC brings back memories since I am seldom there now.

    1. haha same here :-) it changed a bit though :-(