Hongkong EP09 Boat Ride at Aberdeen Fishing Village

After an hour, we were taken to the Aberdeen Fishing Village which offers a non compulsory ride towards the village at a cost of 50HKD per head, 25HKD for 11 yrs and younger. Mr Lee told us that this is not part of the package, hence we still have to pay on our own. We instantly grabbed the opportunity since we won't have nothing to do if we tapped out, besides, i think the price is already reasonable.

Also on the port is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant where our guide tells us you pay for the decoration not the food :-P. Looks amazing outside so I assume you really pay for the ambiance.

One of the unbelievable things in this experience is how the water doesn't smell. There's not even trash as well so it wasn't hard for me to decide to join the boat ride. And speaking of boat rides, they strictly impose no overloading. It's just too convenient that cops are just nearby haha!

Other than going round the village and some photo ops for the floating restaurant, there is nothing else you can do but just look around. I've read online before how there is nothing to see in the village and they're probably right but being in a new place I guess that seeing the place at least once sheds off mystery as what's not and in there.