Hongkong: EP07 Mr. Lee and his City Tour

I mistook the directions Vincent gave us so I had us all 3 go back to the hotel lobby. It was convenient that he would also fetch other visitors here as well so it was a relief on my part. If not we'd be so doomed as he said he looked for us there ::phew::

The waiting is a bit agonizing because there are just too many people talking, particularly the Chinese. One family's father who we guess are going on the same tour (thank heavens for stickers) was not even keen in discreetly remarking how it felt like we are in a bird cage.

Mr. Lee was late but he said he was stuck in traffic he haven't anticipated. He consoled us by singing a Tagalog song which he prides as one of his skills none of the tour guides have. He also knows bits of Tagalog which added to his appeal and he's really entertaining. He also gave us a lot of information about HK and it's huge difference with China (to emphasize for us 3 who were the only ones going there).

One of the marvelous thing about is that, well, look at him. How old do you think he is?

Well, I thought he was around 30s, my sister and Reagan said around 40 but you know his real age? 65 (turning 66 probably in a few days/weeks because he said he is Capricorn). His secret? Well, Tea.

Later on we will see him once more, only AFTER something happened.