Babel Rising (FREE for IPAD)

It is safe to say that everyone knows what the tower of Babel is. It is also a wonderful game concept. And If you are familiar with god mode games, this is right at your alley.

The objective is simple, prevent the Babylonians from building the Tower by crushing them with different spells through a series of plaques and acts of god disasters. You get to tickle them with your god finger, release a tsunami, have them consumed by locusts and tons of actions more, combining the best type of wrath you set upon the poor Babylonians.

The challenges are really time consuming and brings out the best finger exercise you will not notice will work out for a long time. Once I tried playing this before sleeping and next thing I knew it is already past 12!

It is amazing that this is truly free. The graphics are cute and the squeal and singing of the Babylonians are something to look forward to making me disable my gadget out of mute mode. There are also a lot of stages (as of this writing I'm at level 11) that keeps the interest of the average player. i wonder how difficult it must be for the last level. As of now i'd save up more coins to upgrade my tools.

I highly commend this time consuming game. good for waiting in line :-)

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