Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (4.6.12)

From the name itself, it's White Rock and it was not disappointing. We were there on the a time when the sun has already risen and what do you know, It's as a huge lump of powder is right before your eyes.

Tip: Going there before the sun is up has many benefits. For one, the trek to the actual formation can take a really long time and the heat can really make anyone quit. 

The ride to the formation is quite long, may I tell you. It was so far that you can at a point wonder if you really are going anywhere. There is just one path but you can't help but imagine the worst of things, like being lost for example.

One of my most favorite photo. Looks somewhere else does it?

When you arrive at the area, you will not see anything special at all. You still have to to trek down and walk a really really long path of marsh (it will remind you of LOTR marsh I promise) that if you went there when it's a bit dark, bring your own flash light with you. No one likes stepping on something slimy right? How about on holes you don't know where came from? Anyone?

And even if you try to cheat, you will not see anything on this side your on. See that photo above? The wonder is right at the back of that huge rock. You also get to see a wide stretch of the coastline with it's huge waves as usual. It really is rewarding.

Tip: Bring a bottle of water (but please do not throw trash there of course), use your best walking shoes, shades and really comfortable wear. You will thank me if you follow this.

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