Bangui Windmills (4.6.2012)

One of the popular attractions in the Ilocos region are the Bangui Windmills. Who knew that power generating structures could ever be an attraction to tourists?

Obviously the windmills are located on the Ilocos shores. My dad was skeptical on how would the propellers would ever wind but yeah it does, even for a bit.

On the area they also sell the ever popular windmill keychains, and if you're lucky you can find a lighthouse carving too!

Not sure if anyone can really enjoy a full dip on the water but being the scaredy cat as I am, I didn't. Besides the waves are something to be reckon with. Don't come too near if you don't know how to swim like I am.

I also liked the fine sand. Yes, it's black but somehow the feel on the feet feels like walking on scattered fine salt. I just hate how it sticks to the corners of the feet though

One cool idea I could share is that the stretch of the windmills are so long (I think we saw) there at least 3 entrances travelling further north. So if you miss one you still have more instances to not reverse your car. I would also suggest going to the very first entrances because there ain't much people.

Tip: If you went there for photoshoots, try to be there before the sun is up. especially if you used the 1st entrance. But if you got there late, use the very last entrance so you can turn your back on the sun and still capture the windmills.

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