Food Adventures at Mckinley is back! Last year we were able to try the first Food Adventure and you can find the reviews here and here.

Judging at the new list (from their site), a few of them had tapped out, the new being the bold ones-- which I do hope won't be offering coffee. They've also added 50php for their passport price which I take as they would be giving us something better than what they had us eat previously. It's a bit sad Sweet Pea is not participating anymore but Kuse and Sol Gelato is still here so what the heck. 3 Winners already! 

We will start our food adventure next week so see you that time! 

1.      Blackwood Bistro
2.      Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
3.      Empire Deli & Restaurant
4.      Figaro
5.      KBOP
6.       Kuse
7.      Little Asia Symphony of Flavors
8.      Old Vine Grille
9.       Pinchos Restaurant & Bar
10.       Pho Hoa
11.      Ramen Bar
12.       Red Crab Alimango House
13.     Sol Gelato
14.      Yo Swirls by BTIC