TME: Train: Wake up the Happiness! (12.7.11)

To be honest I’m not a fan of the band BUT I am a huge fan of the San Francisco Album. I can totally sing the entire song list but I doubt anyone could stand my amateur voice :-P.  Other than that I think the only song I knew from them is Drops of Jupiter, and comparing that particular song to their style in the latest album it’s at both ends of the spectrum.
And so we went. The seats were around the same area as in the Script, only a row higher, BUT directly in front of the stage. This is the first time I’m bringing my new baby camera to test in an extremely low light condition.
The opening act was Six Cycle Mind. I’m not really particular about OPM bands so I didn’t know they changed vocalists. I don’t listen to them that much but the former one had a voice that were way easier to remember.
Parachute came first which is a bit weird as the opening of the set (not one of their happy songs) but at least it’s from the album I’m familiar with. The next songs were then a combination of all the rest of the albums combined. I was able to listen to their entire discography but that wasn’t enough for me to remember the entire thing.
The dome didn’t have that much of an audience, and it’s a bit disappointing not everyone was able to experience how hyper Patrick got in performing. He bonded with the audience as much as he could. He got audiences to participate in singing, even have some of them on stage to sing along. He also had a game up on his sleeve making a few girls fight for an autographed guitar.
One of the highlights of the night and probably one of the reasons why fans flocked in the first place was listening to ‘Marry Me’ live. Earlier during dinner I told Reagan how my officemates and I speculated if by any chance one of the audiences suddenly does stealing the spotlight off of the band to publicly propose to their beloved. He was teasing me what there may be a chance that it’s him but knowing him all too well I won’t be anticipating anything yet :-D
So anyway, after singing the song they will only get to chance to sing ONCE a year and ONLY to this part of the tour, which is, ahem, Shake Up Christmas, Patrick started to strip off his vest. Not a second after I yelled ‘take it off’ he took out a white shirt and said, ‘Let’s get married’; and this was the cue the crowd was waiting for to strain their throats some more.
What was surprising was he suddenly jumped off the stage and started walking right INTO the crowd. Reagan came back teasing me again on how I should be worried that he might be the one doing the proposal since Patrick is fast approaching our way. It wasn’t until he turned right to make a circle of the entire Patron area that Reagan’s teasing stopped; thank goodness.*
Last song was Drops of Jupiter. It was just a so-so song to me before but listening to it live, and how sentimental he performed the song it added some depth to it that it for a while I got the habit of listening to it for sometime.
But for that good part we have to trade off with the length of the program. It’s as if it’s not even an hour (without the opening act of 6 Cycle) and by 1030 we’re already out of Araneta. If it was the cost of their per hour, or it’s just their style we can’t do anything about it; but anyway, they’ve compensated through the performance alone and that’s what’s important right?
The band said how Manila is one of their favorite spots to visit, and I don’t have any means to prove that but if by any chance they’d visit for a 3rd time to promote their upcoming album and if it’s as good as the San Francisco stint, there is a huge chance we’d try to hit the patron seats (This year around 4k+). Besides, I may get lucky that they’d finally play Half Moon Bay at that time so it’s something to be looked forward for. I’m so convinced of Patrick’s ability to entertain a crowd that it is a good enough reason for the ticket price. Besides, it is rare for someone so famous to pick up your own camera and take a photo of both you just for kicks. Mind that he’s doing it WHILE singing. If you even close your eyes it’s impossible to recognize he’s not still and seating! How could not that be a good enough reason right?!

*Of course we’re not ready yet! Come onnnnnn!!

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