TIB: Megatent September Sale 9.4.11

This is going to be short. I will just rant on a simple event that happened today.
I have managed to turn away from sales for as long as I can muster (probably a few months) but since our youngest sister was in need of some new clothes (they have a new school policy of semi-formal during Wednesdays which here wardrobe lacks terribly of) so I thought that this will be a good alibi. So we went, shopped, and reduced my current accounts to something something pesos (my sisters were so excited they get to buy too much stuff—to the dismay of my wallet of course).
I was growing tired of the place since there were only a small number of exhibitors (this is compared to the one I went to last year in MOA) and totally dampen my want to shop. So after the fifth time we went around, and was sick seeing the same old stuff all the time, I urged them to call it a day and retreat at Mega to wait for our father.
But before we got out, we were held up by the guards of the tent asking us to show to them our receipts. It hit a vein so I snapped sarcastically, “Go look for yourself”, intentionally shoving my  bag (other than my bag, I brought this SM shopping bag, the white one, to put all the bags I’ve accumulated since I hate carrying too much stuff) on his table. It was so irritating that I almost blurted out swears  I could ever come up. F*** whatever protocols they have but has it ever occurred to them HOW SOME OF THEIR EXHIBITORS DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ISSUE RECEIPTS?! So what is this now? That maybe, in all these plastics/paper bags we have, WE SHOPLIFTED ANY MERCHANDISE?! How dare them. I’ve been to numerous sales and this is the only time I’ve ever experienced this. If they were sincere in ever finding anyone stealing anything, WHY NOT HAVE MORE GUARDS ROAM AMONG THE EXHIBIT HALL huh?
NO, I won’t back to whatever stupid sale they’d ever do in the future.
I will stick to MOA or MEGAMALL or ANY OTHER SALE WHERE THEY DO NOT ask for any receipts and where there are plenty more exhibitors AND with no guards asking some stupid request.


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