Shorties: Bye Holiday Economics!

This was taken last year December. Weird huh?

I really don’t get why today isn’t a declared holiday.  I would have understood this if it weren’t for next week’s  declared holiday (Rizal) but it wasn’t. Why?

Back when it was still Arroyo’s administration we are so used to having holidays declared on the next succeeding Monday. Most of us would see this as a bad thing, especially if you’re a contractual, or paid on per hour basis. It also hurts the paycheck of contractuals and confuses students on which dates holidays are supposed to be. It was proclaimed as Holiday Economics.

1.       Longer weekends means longer vacations. And that would always translate to money. It could be abroad but most of us would just opt for local trips. For instance, I was planning to go out of town with my family this weekend but I can’t since like I’M THE ONLY ONE ON A HOLIDAY*. And what’s good with this is that, it prolongs the money days of these local sites and not just on their peak periods, which is Summer and December. Imagine how bad their businesses are the entire year when no one actually visits. Besides, a lot of people (me included) wanted to go on vacations where we can actually relax—which only happens when it isn’t too hot outside and I don’t know, when not half of Manila is in Bora or in Baguio.
W  While we’re on the topic of vacations, it also promotes more bonding moments with your family. I came from one who both parents are working which is one of the reasons why we rarely have vacations. I remember there would be years when we’re all just cooped at the house and my parents are just there, sleeping. Is it too much to ask for just another day so we can go out?

    This may come as a surprise but (some) factories need Holiday Economics. Remember how the dates are moved if it was in the middle of the week or something? I had an officemate who used to work in one and he says that machines on and off on random days hurts the company due to costs. It’s not just simple terminals, they are huge machines that aren’t that easy to start up.
      And you know what's the best part?  Getting paid while not doing any work!!

I would have understood all of this if Rizal’s birthday wasn’t move to Monday. What, because the historic commission requested for it? You mean it’s that easy? Can I request my birthday be a holiday (snickers) too?? What’s wrong with you, Aquino Administration, this is INDEPENDENCE DAY we’re talking about! For a guy who banked ON SO CALLED INDEPENDENCE you are such a double standard hypocrite. And you know what’s more? When was this again? I thought you are promoting more family moments? Inconsistent in declaring holidays, inconsistent in intent. You are in one administration don’t tell me it’s still Arroyo’s fault.

Nowadays, people are missing this so called holiday. I do especially when all I needed now is time. Next week we (company) aren’t in a holiday so good luck planning on whatever happens on their long weekend (my family). For sure it won’t involve a 3d/2n at Coron.


*The Company (which I won’t reveal the exact name) declares all the holidays on the start of the year. I won’t elaborate why but let’s just say, we’re sort of autonomous (complicated). We never follow proclamations which is usually done a week or two before the said holiday. In short, the Company was proactive in declaring June 13 as a holiday since they thought of the long weekend thingy.


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