More, More, More at Jang Chung Dong Korean Restaurant

My youngest sister was frantic when she learned Malate is peppered with Korean restaurants. I've already took her twice to Mi Ga but haven't to anywhere yet. She saw Korean Village but told I've been there so instead  we came to this small restaurant overshadowed by the rest. I was confident with the pricing of Korean food so far so we got in to the first one that was almost empty with customers.

Walking in we were forwarded to the table next to the framed pictures with signatures on the wall. None of us have thought of taking a photo of that wall but we were delighted to recognize MC Mong in one of them. We assumed they were previous guests giving the 'illusion' (since we weren't sure) that they came here. But still you won't stop raising your expectation a bit higher there.

Side dishes of the day 

We haven't tried Soju back in Mi Ga nor haven't in any other Korean restaurant but in spite of me not paying for it, youngest sister insisted by actually raising money together with my dad just so we can have it. She blindly chose original since no one knew what the waitress meant by her choices. All of just had a sip, even my father. That totally takes care of her not asking me for any soju anymore.

A few minutes later then came the food in the following order:

Supposed to be Samgyupsal only this time it was the boiled one. Different leaves too.

Fishball soup. Who knew this would taste good??

Beef Stew


Seafood pancake
It's saddening why it had eggplant on it. T_T

We were now so full we totally forgot we ordered another dish. I almost fainted when out came an extremely huge bowl of Bibimbap.

You can actually do your laundry at that thing right there!

So are you wondering how much this batch cost? Some of the dishes we also ordered double (there were 6 of us) plus the Soju, our bill was roughly 2500. Not bad since we had too much for take out still.

Additional +++

Just early this year I came back (now with my date yay) with the following:

Kimchi Pancake 

Samgyupsal. Don't worry they do the grilling and cutting for you. 

Bibimbap Medium

Jang Chung Dong didn't fail us the second time around. So what's keeping you from not even visiting them?!!

Overall verdict:

Service: Fast and prompt. Although if you are planning to have Bibimbap, order it as soon as you sit down. The ingredients are prepared on when you ordered it that it will take some time before it reaches you. Remember how it is filled with julienned veggies?

Price: Price/Servings ratio is really fair. That is the reason why you should stick to non too commercialized/popular Korean restaurants out there (wink wink) to get better value out of your money.

Taste: I actually came back didn't I? Wasn't that enough of a recommendation? :-D

Note: Didn't brought with me a remembrall to remember all the names of the stuff up there hehe