TIB: I won't be in yellow tomorrow

What do I know of People Power anyway? My parents haven't even made me yet in Feb 1986. If we do the numbers I won't even be in my mom's belly not until April. Yeah, yeah, freedom. The power to watch anything. Listen to anything. Write anything. Be anytime, anywhere I want. All the things I could ever want some countries could only hear and dream of having. All within my reach. But then, I'm not the only one who has it.

That guy who composes ear piercing third rate songs have it too.

That student who goes on partying all night instead of study have it too.

That teacher who instead of learning lessons have more time updating their status in FB or finding the next password to a porn site have it too.

That politician who brazenly campaigns himself every election day with no real purpose have it too.

That actress who did nothing but force everyone in her life have it too.

That unemployed mugger have it too.

That drug addict have it too.

All of us have that freedom which most of us think we only attained after People Power. But what good is freedom if most of us aren't sure of what it  is exactly? And what good is freedom if most of us only know the word 'yes'? Where did all the 'no' go?

Image: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/193619/the-mythology-of-people-power-is-alive-and-well