Yang Chow: Cheap and fabulous. (11.01.10)

Why Imus hasn't yet become a city is because of the rare businesses that should be there in the first place. Take for example the food industry. There are only a few of these restaurants that exist in the Imus area and most of it are either in malls or just your regular fast food joint. So it's not hard to imagine why Yellowcab has been a breath of fresh air especially to the social wannabes who wanted to have other places to hang out.

One of the restaurants that opened this year was Yang Chow in Palico. It's this small little Chinese place which after it's grand opening, closed even before a week due to technical difficulties (says so in the banner back then) and reopened. And when it did, we it was our chance to finally have a taste of the place.

First they'd offer you tea. I know that I shouldn't be drinking tea because of me being acidic but what the heck. It's the best free tea I've ever tasted in a chinese restaurant. 

Then came some bird soup. I have to get pass the disgust in the texture of it (reminds me of saliva, eww) but the taste is superb. After that one by one, the rest of what we ordered came served to us with their friendly waiters. All of which as you can see are fair picks, or should I say, like someone who is might need a visit to the doc after eating.

Initial reaction: Eww....

Yes that's chicken feet, dimsum and siomai

Shanghai, Yang Chow Rice and Liempo

This came late. It's shrimp covered in batter. Don't worry, you can still see the shrimp inside. It exists. And the dip is really made for it. Sister won't try since it looked like mayonnaise but it was more sweet than sour. Dad said it reminded him of pancake batter.

Price of the meal (see photos) plus another plate of garlic rice and iced teas (not there), was 1,223. Not bad for a celebratory meal (mom's bday although she's not here in the country).

Taste wasn't bad at all, if it were closer to church I would love to have lunch out here most of the time compared to Chowking.

Will absolutely go back for more.