Urban Adventures: Some Harry Potter Phils. event (10.30.10)

After bargaining to my youngest sister where I would take her (this vs. the free movie showing in the Korean Film Festival) she agreed on this HP event held at Powerbooks Greenbelt just last Saturday. I've only heard of it from my PB Newsletter but haven't known of the existence of HPP prior. So even skeptical how we can fit in without robes we still pushed on. We maybe the first ones who signed up.

When we got there, it was as I expected. I am not going to describe how they 'actually are' but just to be safe the members are in locally made robes and have this sort of inner circle of friends who are, to be honest, quite intimidating for us sore thumbs. Thank goodness more Muggles came, even though most of them are forum active.

Some of Harry Potter Philippines members

 Sister signed up for 2 games and without my knowledge signed me up in one too where we get to share a team with Sarah, someone we met just on site when she signed up on our group of 3. First game was finding the Hallows which sister get to join with 2 girls she didn't know but won anyway and second was finding the Horcruxes ala Amazing Race around the PB area (those are just the main ones but there was the bring me games). Basically if one of you were ever there at that time wondering why there are roaming robed-people and girls running to and fro, that's us finding Horcruxes.
That's Sarah holding her freebie, I'm holding one my sister won in the Bring Me Game. P.S. I should do something with my huge arms T_T

Just so you'd know we haven't won. Too bad. I think I'm the only one from the visitors who never participated much. In the end, Sarah get to take home a free book (she said when opening was 'I've been meaning to buy this) from the bring me game and sister from one bring me game which is in a similarly paper bag but is a different book (diary of a wimpy kid) and the Hallows game--  a loot bag of books (Edge Chronicles, a Patterson book and a Notebook + a free umbrella). No HP stuff but better than going home without nothing right? Which I did. But hey, sister just got new books I can simply borrow haha! But not the umbrella. She said she's going to sleep with it tonight.
That's my youngest sister and Sarah. Just look at that blue loot bag.

There was also a story telling part where this lady who I forgot the name (we found out that she was a professor in La Salle teaching the Harry Potter class elective there) with the participation mostly of the cutesy kid named Tyler and Robin who were both active in answering questions. With kids like that none of us older 'kids' need to steal their spotlight.
I should ask my sister what her name was T_T

That's the cute Tyler I was talking about

It took us awhile to get comfortable with all this 'blending in' business but I learned alot of random things from this day like:

1. There is such an elective class about Harry Potter.
2. Never to make my sister be the 1st prisoner to go for the Horcrux game since she technically knows the directors and the actors by heart unlike her old sister (me) who can't even remember Madam's name.
3. Sarah works for QTV and from her stories, has all the perks that would make a freebie hoarder like me would love.
4. It's possible to sing the Hogwarts anthem even if you have no idea what the tone was.
5. Most HP fans here are girls.
6. Getting yourself a Hogwarts robe would make you a witch/wizard and going with casual clothes would instantly name you a Muggle.

They did try their best to make everyone felt comfortable with this whole get-up but I am kind of dismayed with all the delays and all the waiting we have to endure just for the program to officially start or for a new game to commence. I don't have an idea what was actually causing it but hopefully in future events everything would start earlier and in time. I admit my stomach was getting grumpy when at six we were still there.

New books!! Drool!

They do have a book discussion this Saturday at Greenbelt. Not sure if I can make that appointment but will surely update if I can. Till next time HPP!

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