Major Mistakes

I've been trying for days to write something coherent about the bus incident but I can't produce something that won't be so long you get bored. We've heard it all but for the sake of me keeping my thoughts in this blog, here is what I thought of the things that happened for the past weeks:

-- It's been weeks since the incident and we still can't get over it. Primarily because HK nationals are eyeing on us giving Pinoys their own dose of racism. Pinoys always cry foul over the littlest of things. Like a little slur here and there. And in such things that granted majority of us didn't really have a hand of, still, who are we to haplessly cry over spilled milk. It's done, it's over. Get over it. The HK Nationals are mourning. We shouldn't be the ones asking for sympathy. And please. We shouldn't give guns to pussies. We all know what that results into.

-- Another whiny guy was his brother who kept on crying over his confiscated gun, resulting to a really bad ending. What a lame excuse for a man.

-- Aubrey Miles in a reality show franchise I loved, again. I didn't like the Survivor Philippines (oh except for Kiko of course) show ever since and now I have another reason why I shouldn't watch, like when before they gave out Crocs sandals for the supposedly castaways. How dare you Aubrey. After your very "successful" Amazing Race Asia, you must probably proud of yourself they still got you.

-- The Ms. Universe title question is answered far beyond what we expect from a candidate but being too personal for Venus Raj, I know I would think of anything other than the first thing that popped in my head to say even if it would result to my speech become slurred only to not indulge everyone to what that mistake is. Besides, when one of the judges is an emo magician and one of the hosts is an ex-reality show guy who has a so called Love Bus and a dozen whores, I knew that revealing 'that mistake' is not worth the effort. Not that I'm defending the lady but, you got to give her some slack for making it to top 4. Remember those before her who we sent but didn't get any recognition at all? They were intelligent. But they never got to use it at the Q&A portion, not even a tiny chance.

-- ABS-CBN stocks are now at it's highest, when 52 weeks ago it was around 25php each. Today it's selling for 54 (depending on when you saw this but this was what I last saw on the paper) and it's frustrating that inspite of me not watching shows at this channel, at least I should have had something to talk about getting something good from them. I should have started stock picking before. Or better yet, I wish I just have the predicting capability (haha).

-- While on the subject, I enrolled online at BPI so that I will get the chance to try out BPITrade only to find out that Citiseconline is much better because they keep company profiles unlike in BPITrade. One of these days, I would really love to open an account there just so I can get to EDC stocks while it's at a good price. I've read they'd be expanding starting this September onwards and I really think I should ride their coattails while they're at it.

-- And lastly, who says the SWAT are incompetent? I've seen how their tear gas canisters flop back to them or those gazillion other stuffs we  criticize them off. Who cares when it's all said and done? That's a knock at those fat pork barrels of those greedy politicians that they are bleeding our funds dry just so they can keep up with their lifestyle. And then again, who knew that they were brilliant in killing Mendoza? If I was the President I would be relieved. Why? Well, I don't need to make the hard decision of choosing between my countrymen and the international community; HK Nationals would obviously demand a death penalty while Pinoys may call foul-- that's humanitarian groups, the Church and every single militant groups who awaits my stumble in my first 100 days at that. If I was the President, I might even reward the snipers with a glimmer in my eye.