The Influence of Financial Books #1. Get a scanner (09.07.10)

You can afford a high-end cellphone, then why not a scanner? A scanner is a really powerful tool to not only have digital copies of your old photos back in the negative reliant camera days, but also a sure way to have all of your documents neatly compiled in whatever medium you choose, like burn them in a CD or upload them in a secure storage account of yours online. Not only would you save on a vault lease to keep your most important documents, you can make so many copies of that before something bad happens. Remember, filing for an affidavit of loss also requires you to have a copy of the original document, so atleast make an effort to do backup.

I just bought a scanner last Saturday not because I follow everything I read from a book but because I wanted to be worry free of the inevitable. You'd never know when you'd need those documents when something happens. Like the House Mortgage or whatever certificates that only you have a copy of. I've been wanting to own one before but for a different purpose: reserve a copy of old photos before I cut and paste them to my stagnant scrapbook. But now that I have a much more reasonable purpose, I bought it after a few canvassing of prices and never regretted cutting 3150 off my Sept 1 - 15 budget.

Not exactly related to finances, but in a way an act that can save anyone tons of money (and anxiety) in the long run.

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