The Shining

Genre: Horror
What the hell Jack Nicholson stop scaring me! And that sound effect, argh!! I am shivering in fright already! I can't even stop punching the pause button whenever I'm on the verge of giving up on watching, (which I did multiple times. I even stalled by watching a few Flashforwards on the side just to keep my breathing to a level) and what a relief it was when it was over. And if you don't get scared at how maniacal Nicholson did his act here I don't know who else you need to be.

In my own judgement the story alone isn't really that grand anymore because there are so many dozens of the type but this has got to be much more realistic on how normal people usually behave in signs of danger. Normally we just run right? It isn't like most movies who have bad guys live no matter how many times you stab them with a knife, or a normal housewife suddenly being able to tackle them in the first place. And how it ended, loved it. You won't want any more fair revenge at that.


  1. at last.. good thing you've already watched this film. now all the potter crap is out of your system. youre cleansed.

  2. wahaha! wew you are online!

    btw, ate said she'd probably be free at aug21 in celebration of her bday. it's this week if you forget ^_^

  3. 1) Kuberick is a master. Ever watch Dr. Strangelove or Clockwork Orange? All different yet all genius.

    2) DVD I saw at my Tito's house had the documentary which made it even more interesting.

  4. Imagine in 2nd year highschool we were saying "redrum! Redrum!!!"

  5. i'm still preparing myself for that one. but i do have a copy

  6. good . Not for the timid. Imagine that was 1971