Confessions of a Shopaholic

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Another book turned movie failure. I loved the books because the author made it so that women who read it can relate to how weird our thoughts are and how it runs in so many directions at a given situation yet here I am contemplating on how is it that Luke Brandon, the lead guy looks so frail contrary to his book description, how Tarky is waaaay more handsome than Luke and Alicia didn't look like what I thought of Alicia like the rest in the whole cast!!

I can forgive they fast forward to some stuff but actually changing the whole setup?? This is just so wrong! Luke isn't supposed to be in Successful Saving, Becky should and neither should Alicia be in a different magazine and is a...a...model??? I did read that they have merged two books into one but this is just so way out of what I expected.

I hope you are happy now whoever script writer you are. You just ruined my day.


  1. this could be done in hiligaynon for all i care as long as isla fisher is in it.