Little Tokyo Series: Oishinbo - Where Authentic Bento Sets Lie (07.03.10)

The Yakitori Set (280) comes with a bowl of miso soup. Bento box contains rice, mashed potato, 3 pieces of sashimi and sticks of (already cooked) yakitori. To save gas perhaps?

Iced tea has to be ordered separately which costs 80 pesos, way expensive than the rest of the drinks on the menu. We also have our all time favorite Tamago (200) which still brings happy tears to our eyes haha! Yes I know, I know, it's just regular egg but really, you must try it at this place since it's in between sweet and salty. Yum yum!

Maybe less popular than the rest of the restaurants in the compound, this may well be attributed to the serving, which isn't as heavy as most that we have been so far. But maybe next time we'd try some other sets which they say is their best seller. After all I did enjoy the 'sampler' of how it tastes like. Special mention is the mashed potato which for me beats KFC's anytime. They don't even need gravy.


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