Urgently Needed! President! (05.13.2010)

Let's just imagine that last Monday, May 10, you were all HRs. We all
know how important the screening is to HRs to give the job to an
aspiring applicant, but how about when it was like the elections?

Let's look at how I think you have voted as if you are an HR:

Acosta for instance. You voted for him even if you knew he's already
disqualified. It's as if he's an applicant who was told to go home yet
you as an HR still hired him.

Erap would be more like that old employee who you kicked out then
hired again even with all the misconducts he has caused in your

Jamby would be a case of that employee who just applied because she
believes that one of the applicants are up to no good so she's there
to talk sense out of you. This she does by applying for the position
yet doesn't really care if you hire her or not. As an HR you should
realize why you are wasting your time interviewing someone who isn't
really that interested.

Villar could be compared to that applicant who is all flashy with
their garments applying for a position that won't absolutely cover
whatever cost of living this said applicant can already afford. It's a
lot like this extremely rich girl that I know who was hired in a
company and gets 10k a month. You know that she doesn't need the
salary at all when you see how many injectables in her face and body
she can afford and that 10k simply pass off as her gas expenses.

Perlas & De Los Reyes maybe an applicant who wanted to be hired to a
Senior position with no required experience whatsoever. They tend to
talk big about their plans but you hired either one of them because
you were impressed with their speech without any real experience in

Gibo is the same only that he is more like a contractual service crew
for a fast food joint who hasn't finished his 6 months yet,
nonetheless applies to become the supervisor already.

Gordon could be an achieved and well loved teacher of a specific
certain class who applies to college dean position. There is nothing
wrong with that, but as HR you should realize that you haven't tried
him manage clusters of classes before.

Villanueva maybe the case of a guy that you hired because he has a
religious fan club albeit the lack of experience in the position.

Then there's Noynoy. You look at his CV and found it blank yet you
gave him the highest position up for grabs because his parents are

Now, does this answer why it's a pain to choose?

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