Summer Komikon (4.17.10)

So I was late. It was my fault to have Wilvic wait. And because of that, we have failed to come there early and fix a spot near Meganon. It is also my fault that I'm bad at directions. I've been to like 4x in Bahay ng Alumni and I still don't remember how to get there. And like tradition we missed having the AFD2 copies (2 or 3 customers tried to wait but didn't came back) and also our first one-shot, a collaboration technically between us 4 (though in credits it's just me and Wilvic), both we weren't able to sell.

Sales are real down this time. I can cite the reasons why that is but I can't really write it here since I know I will offend people. Anyhow, again I've spent way too much out of my allocated budget and because of that I wasn't able to buy enough indies, just from our friends Meganon. Obviously the regulars are there, take note the former CCCom team are in one huge table so it's easier to take a group photo (which I don't have).

Again, out of budget reasons I failed to buy the latest compilation from Sir Medina but I wish I can afford it next con, hoping he's there for the autograph, David got my name wrong by writing "Nina", slow day comparable to other times when we don't realize how long we've been selling mainly because it isn't that fun when you are placed at the back.

The main highlight of the evening was Jin winning (his name was mispelled) in recreating a cover (hooray!) which I think made our day out of all the shenanigans of a wrong master copy, stalled jeeps and printers and whatever reasons this con has brought up. To think we should have learned our lessons now.

See you at the next con!


Comics in picture:

Renaissance - Various Commic Book Artists/Bio Book (500php)
Kubori Kikiam - Michael David (forgot)
Cat's Trail #2 - Elemer Damaso (50php)
Pasig - Taga-Ilog (30php)
Where Bold Stars Go To Die - Gerry Alanguilan (150php)
Mark 9 verse 47 #4 - Meganon Comics (forgot)
Maktan #1 & #2 - Meganon Comics (25 each)
Mga iling Alaman ng Ating Lahi - Psicom Publishing (125php)