Quotables#2: Run Fatboy Run (1.23.2010)

I don't know it with you but I rarely watch Love/Chick Flicks. But it doesn't mean that I don't get all mushy when I watch movies that inspite of not a certified date film, would still get one thinking and touched in a way too. Of all the quotes, this is one of my latest favorites delivered by the main character who ran away from his pregnant bride on the day of their wedding:

'You know, I mean, I didn't do you any favours on that day, ok? I did a stupid, stupid thing. But it was only because I thought spoiling your day was better than ruining your life. Does that make any sense? '- Dennis (Simon Pegg, Run Fatboy Run)

Not all men have that kind of reason to do so. Either they stay to give you hell you don't deserve or just simply run because they're having cold feet, not being ready enough, not being mature enough. For those who have watched this they may think that this maybe the best excuse yet. But for us women, it's just a mean way of ending a relationship, most especially on the day we all dream of about.

Just when is someone ready anyway? Why is it so hard to be mature in terms of being in a long term relationship? Is it really that scary? Men and women nowadays are extremely farce when it comes to marriage. That marriage is equal to a wedding and a baby when in fact it goes beyond that. I know a lot of people back from my alma mater since gradeschool to highschool who already have families before, of, and beyond my age, most because of stupidly unexpected pregnancies. Stupid because when one does it, obviously that's the result, especially without any sort of preventive measures, it's not unexpected anymore. I don't know if everyone had their happy endings as expected, but I don't think that there is any of that when at a young age you get to:

1. Your 'me time' is limited as you have to have time with your kid(s), partner, work (if you're lucky) and school (if you can afford the enrollment) all at the same time. Unless of course you became a full time housewife/househusband. No one knows how long you could stay being one either.

2. If you are even lucky to get work you'd have most of your salary literally in the trash or the toilet since most of it will be baby food and diapers. And if you are not having problems with this one because your parents and parents-in-law takes care of it, puh-lease. You're the ones who made the baby. That is your responsibility.

3. You have to be good enough to know when to say no when it comes to going out. You can't exactly be a good mom/dad by bringing your kid to your night life, not even in a barkada outing. And that is no matter how your friends tell you that they're fine with you having the kid tag along because they're not. They're just too kind to tell it in your face.

4. Worse comes to worst, you realize you are not ready yet and you breakdown not knowing where to go. You are now a pathetic person who can stand with the decisions you make and decided to just end it all instead. Besides you had enough. And this, is not O.K.

Dennis (Simon Pegg) has probably that in his head when he decided to run away. He's not young though, but he's probably not ready for the drama and 'chaos' it would end up. He must be scared that being just couples in a relationship who still puts 'Single' in a form is enough for the moment, not ready to a covenant. That like in a song, love may not be enough.

But one of the sweet things in this movie was when an answer to that was taught to him by the assistant coach. That he also had that fear before marrying his wife. But he still went on, saying that because he had that fear of ruining the most important person in his life he lived on trying to be the best that he could be, and because of that they lived* a wonderful life together. And that was also confirmed by Dennis near the end of the film when he told his son that one shouldn't run away to face any problems because it would still be there no matter how you run. Simply put, we all get to hit a wall at times but it doesn't mean we can't push forward can't we?

*lived because his wife had already died in the movie