It's Official. I am now a Nikola Tesla fan. (1.22.2010)

It all started with my usual web surf during lunchtimes. I was at theoatmeal*, reading some random stuff when I clicked on a link on one of the artist's work which sent me the badass* link, kept on reading the lengthy entry (imagine Wiki with humor) and from there I began reading more about him at other sites and I can't help but be impressed!
To the uninitiated, Nikola Tesla is Thomas Edison's in exaggerated terms, archnemesis. There was in our time way back even before we were all born, the War of the Currents-- Team Tesla's with Alternating Current and Edison with the Direct Current. To us commoners, we only needed to remember that majority of what we use today is AC-- beat that Edison**! Not only that, Tesla has this eidetic memory and develops his invention from his head, guys. From his head!!! Imagine making blueprints by merely thinking of it!!
Reading more about Tesla and his episodes with Edison making me go on with Tesla's side all the more. It doesn't matter now but I still have to point this out. This is actually why a lot of people who knew Tesla's story are inspired in cutting the guy some slack and incorporating him in stories, movies, etc. My most favorite was from a Wiki entry --
***" In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron animated cartoon series (a Nickelodeon production), episode "The Big Pinch", Thomas Edison is brought into the present by a time machine and after seeing a working light-bulb and other electric devices he proclaims "Well knock a hundred points off my I.Q. and call me Tesla." "
And speaking of stories I've seen a handful of Tesla vs. Edison novels and movies I'd really like to have. One of which was the Five Fists of Science, a graphic novel from Matt Fraction. I hope I'd find that ebay link again.
Oh my, I don't know if this is a beginning of an obsession but I am really interested in learning more about him that inspite of missing out the recognition he rightly deserved when he was alive, all I know is that he earned me as a fan.
* links i'd post in Multiply too
** If you research enough, on Edison's later years he admitted his own folly in pursuing DC and sabotaging the benefits of AC

UPDATE: Cool article about Tesla
Cool Shirt design for the rivalry of Tesla and Edison


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