Real Men does, Real Men don't (10.24.9)

Of my age not even close to an online friend of mine who is clearly a few of the people who I can say is not a waste of carbon dioxide and evolution (yes, let's admit that there are those who just consume resources and has attitudes and brains devoid of sense), I know for a fact I have no reason to write this blog without someone who'd say 'who are you to tell?'. You see I remember Chelsea from her show (Chelsea Lately) pass judgement on Miley's 'memoirs', saying the pop star is not even half her (Chelsea) age (and sexual experience as she pointed out) to even deserve a memoir. The point is, I'm noticeably not that old to write what I'm about to write, but I'm doing it anyway only because this IS after all my blog.

It all started at out with our late lunch at KFC which included me, Jin and Wilvic at the previous event of Komikon. What happened was this:

Jin: Real men does not listen to Taylor Swift.

Wilvic : Real men does not say they are real men to prove they are real men.

Obviously the answer to Jin's statement does not seem to make sense but I guess that is how Wilvic came back with and I knew I'm on his side (ok fine, I also listen to Swift) of the argument. And then it dawned to me. What a good post that is. I haven't read one yet. Not that I surf the web that much so there is a huge possibility one exists somewhere but it's still worth writing as far as I believe. And this is the list I came up:

1. Real men can be cool without being (and looking like) a 'bad guy'
It's probably the tv or the big screen but someone must have tipped off the male specie that by acting like they are bad guys they'd appeal to every single woman. Most losers (and I'm afraid to say) who happens to be of my age range are those who are posing to 'worship the devil', don the bad guy generic look, 'OWN' multiple women at a time and the likes. I even remember an officemate who said that he knew a guy who at night and at clubs poses like a tough guy (even admitting 'OF the devil') and when on one Sunday called him at his house, he was told that 'oh, he's at the church with his girlfriend'. Yeah right, poser.

2. Real men knows how say the word sorry
Okay. This one I've personally experienced. I know this guy who has wronged me so many times that when at some shoutout (yes I was bitter and what I did was pathetic) at a networking site I posted before, that who he is to act normal without even saying 'a freaking sorry', he replied something like he believes that a mere word of 'sorry' would never cover it. I believe he knew the gravity of the things he has done wrong thus the reaction but a simple sorry does wonders, especially if someone means it. Admitting to yourself that you are wrong is a start (your conscience would bug you anyway), but being able to step down from your ego and admit to the person you've offended that you've made a mistake would not only make you braver but a man of ethics as well.

3. Real men are simply gentlemen
Here's the scene. A guy gets a seat in a crowded bus. And then a pregnant woman gets in and is left standing. Okay, the guy is tired so he'd never give up his seat. What's wrong with that picture is when ANOTHER girl stands up and offers her chair. And he has no right to give it an excuse that he's tired. I was tired too, and I'm carrying such a load that day to boot. Add to that hypocrisy when some men prefer who they give seats too. In most cases it's the sexy college or office girl. I've experimented with that you know. I've tried dressing with a huge shirt and bulky pants and no one noticed me. Then in another instance I was into something that enhances my (ahem) features. Now everyone offers their seats. Just great huh? I'm not saying that it is wrong for guys of not offering their places and stand. It's an age old argument and we all know it. That why would guys offer their seats when we, women are up for equality anyway? I say that's just an excuse. I don't mind not being offered a place, really. But women helping other women? Come on. You just prove some of us can act more like 'real men' than you could ever be.

4. Real men does not need to look macho to be macho
I know a guy who beefs himself up but could not lift as much as a finger when the water dispenser is out in the pantry. He then waits for another officemate to do it for him-- someone half his size.

5. Real men listens to Taylor Swift
No not really. What I meant with that is one's manliness could never be boxed in just by what he listens or even watches. So what if a guy watches Gossip Girl? I know I don't and I'd never but an individual's taste in such things is not a sign of being a man. If that logic is even true, what makes me then? I rarely watch chick flicks. Does that make me less of a woman? If you think that your choices in music and film should always have to appear 'manly' then that is your problem. You make yourself defined by it.

6. Real men knows how to listen
No, you don't just pretend that you listen when your girlfriend retells you of a friend of another friend's cousin's sister's ridiculous story. It doesn't mean that when something is not about having sex later nor more of that means that you shouldn't listen. It is obvious that women love to talk. We really do. And even if something is not really that important to talk about it is something we want to share. And we need you to do the same as well.

7. Real men don't cover up a lie with another lie
When a guy breaks up with you, looked straight into your eyes saying that he doesn't have anyone at all but has no apparent reason to dump you in the first place, (meaning he's lying about not having an affair) he's hands down a pathetic loser. Why? Because if he has a third party going on he should at least be a man to tell his girlfriend about it AS the reason why he's breaking up. You chose to do that anyway. Live with it. Give the girl a decent reason why she'd never come back to you.


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