Noynoy Who? (9.26.9)

Note: I'm not anti-Noynoy. If I get to live the rest of my life after this post it just means that Democracy still runs in the country. If I didn't then one of these two succeding posts may have done it (haha XD).

I assume you haven't read my late Mrs. Aquino post so I'm saying again, I wasn't even in my mom's womb yet when the First Female President started her term. So her supposedly memory of mine wasn't only vague, I didn't have the ability to understand yet. So basically I am not those of my age who suddenly declared their inspired spirits after her death as if they had any idea.

Years in school taught me of the Aquino family. I know Ninoy and Cory. Not their full achievements of course, but I get the idea of who they are and their part in our history. It's no secret too that they're the parents of a celebrity that may die when you say to her face you don't know her. They're also the parents of some Ballsy person I am only familiar with the name because I had a classmate named after him or her because they share the same birth day. I don't even know the gender obviously. And then, there is Noynoy.

Don't ask me who is because I don't know. I'm not even sure if he's a Senator*. Because if he was then I'm sad to say that I'm sorry. It's either he isn't controversial to be in the news too often that I may catch a glimpse of him somehow or was he ever that high-profiled to be connected with anything terribly good at all. That may sound like a pun, him not being synonymous with anything (e.g. Recto with E-VAT (rolls eyes)) other than being some politician, an old guy with an awfully beautiful fiancee and an offspring of an internationally known political couple. Other than that I have nothing.

The most time I ever saw him on the local news was when he declared he is running for President. That was the night of that day my boss told me right away, probably after reading it on the net. I told her I'm skeptical of his winning probability, one of the only few who does.

I don't know if I was able to blog it already, but I'm no voter yet. I tried to register a couple of times and it's beginning to irritate me for failing at those instances due to the incompetence and arrogance of the people behind it. But for those who are already registered and who are vying for Noynoy for a reason that's too obvious please don't. It doesn't happen like that. The late Ted Kennedy was from a political family with two of America's Presidents as his brothers yet he hasn't won when he tried to run for office. Probably because of that 'incident' he was involved with before but that's beyond the point. The fact is, he WAS synonymous with bills such as the one concerning healthcare and Noynoy is to what? I don't know. Do you?

I can see it now. His detractors would have the same argument as mine. They'd be all asking what has he done the past years he's a politician. I don't know if they have the right to be questioning when they should ask the ones they see in the mirror first, but take someone like me, who works 8 hours a day (probably out of the house for 10 hours or more due to commutes and all), who'd rather add every peso spent on a newspaper to my fare and spend my free time reading books or watching a good movie to unwind than see a politician on another campaign ad, who doesn't get to hear of the news more often than I should must realize that they should at least make the effort to make a good change that will surpass the time alloted for them in the tv. No, I'm not saying I agree to those who kept on plastering their names on projects funded by US taxpayers, but don't you agree that whether good or bad, when something really is of meaning to the people, news spread by mouth faster and longer than anything else? Mom said something about Marcos placing his effort on the road to the Ilocos provinces and that is something good, and that IS passed by mouth. At most times it may not be THAT reliable, but my point is, people in public service should be atleast remembered for what they've done to be worth noting for-- and voting for as well.

It's not that I'm being cynical. I'm just being honest in saying that there is no way that just because he has genes from his parents it would make him any more of a good President. Disagree with me then think of that celebrity I talked to you about earlier. She's their daughter too. Now you'd probably argue, 'well she's no political figure'. Well then, how about our current President?

The reason why there's an age to when you are allowed to register is because the government assumes that at that age you are ready to be responsible and stand up for what you believe in. And that same reason gets you in the position that you must take pride that you already have the power to vote for a person you believe deserves the position because the candidate has done well to be there. So don't be compulsive. You have a brain to use, don't you?

*Please don't get me started with aren't you listening to (or watching or reading) the news or 'can't you just google it?!' alibi. I'm being honest here. Besides, I don't need to impress you with what I know.