I Just Wrote Something for Mr. Jackson and It's a Bit Late. (7.4.9)

As a self-proclaimed blogger (I don't even know if I have to) I think I owe it to myself that I, atleast, like most who writes online, write something with a current issue. Bloggers are obviously, people who does not simply say 'yes' or 'no' but they are those who aren't afraid to speak out their own opinions. But if we are talking 'current' this isn't anything at all, and I'm afraid I'd write a little bit too late. I know Ed won't see it as such but I know that most people shrug off posts that aren't posted on time. Oh what the heck. I'd quote Ed again 'my blog, my rules'. So there you go.

I know Usher and Justin Timberlake are both MJ fans. I'm not sure if Britney is too but I'm 50% sure she is. I'm saying this because of two things: 1. They are the people I grew up listening to back on their days, meaning the closest ones who share Michael's influence, and 2. They see MJ as a pop icon, and the masses don't.No need for me to elaborate on 'the days' but I'd rather be focused on the second one.

Hypocrisy aside, most of the people I know prior his death used to have MJ synonymous to anything to be ridiculed and ugly. You see, most people
are ignorant and shallow they only see celebrities on two faces. Either you're the good one who exceeds expectations or the other who most cringe at the thought of, either pure scandal or just physically unappealing. In Michael's case, regardless if he has achieved awards, regardless if he has made a name for himself, regardless of his influence on his craft. A few people recognize that before but then after his death, everyone just became a fan. It's like Francis Magalona all over again*.

I'd be lying when I say I am a fan. I haven't, to be honest, watched any of his music videos nor concerts prior the endless tributes on tv after his death. I've even seen the Weird Al Yankovic video parody of 'Beat It' first than I did the original. So basically I'm saying I know so little about Mr. Jackson you maybe wondering how would this be some sort of a tribute when all I can remember is how bad it felt even before when someone talks trash about him. Even one of the few people I think highly of has a daughter who I remembered laughing at the thought of Michael like as if he is just some sick joke. Like as if he hasn't done anything good at all. He has issues, yes. But is it so wrong taking even a little notice to his contribution? Is he all bad just because of what the present day media made out of him? Has anyone even bother asking what were his thoughts on his last moments? I for instance wonder if he has asked for forgiveness for his sins** before he has taken his last breath. 

So ask me if I've done my best to make this small blog a tribute for the late Michael Jackson? Well it is. If you have read it, it really is in a way. I'm just glad more people now share my thinking on separating who he is beyond his career. Sadly though, he needed to die to achieve that respect he must believe he'd never regain from millions of people who lost hope on him. Something he would have wished he had way back when he was still an 'is'.




*After his death, people flocked to patronize his shirts. I'm not saying there is anything bad in supporting a Filipino on his business. But there is something wrong in making a big deal out of it AFTER his death. I mean, just well the hell are they anyway when he was still alive? In the corners of Penshoppe and Bench?

**I'm not referring exactly to the pedophile issue. That case hasn't gone anywhere has it? So basically no one has truly proved if it was any true. If it was, to be honest I'm still trying to see the best out of any person and he is no exception. I even remember someone said that he has never gone back to Neverland after that scandal. For the optimistic me that sounds like he was so hurt he couldn't bear the thought.



  1. Oh a subject near and dear to my heart: bandwagon jumping. As you know I believe in being consistent. I hope I am consistent

  2. Also , I swear. I have lived here since late 1999. Two people I have not heard of in life that I heard plenty of in death is Francis M. and Rico Yan. Could not tell you who they were to save my life when they were alive. But once they were dead or in the unfortunate case of Mr. M slowly dying then I found out who they were. Although to be fair, I knew who Claudine Barreto was. But that's just me

  3. really?? well but atleast you weren't like 'oh, let's support his 900 pesos tshirt just because his dead!' argh. lame people.

  4. one of my tag lines in my blogspot is "I hate being cliche"

  5. haha. i don't want to be one either