Do you think I'm pretty? (9.11.9)

Weeks ago, while watching a show for stand-up comedians, there was this fat contestant, (notice I said she was fat, for you to get the point) that she said that in summer time she usually just hides in her house, away from the beach where skinny girls in their skimpy outfits are aplenty. But when it gets cold that is when she goes boy-hunting because ‘those skinny girls would eventually have to wear something’. She also added, ‘what would they do then, talk?’ then everyone laughs. It’s a lot more like a blonde joke, but what she just said encompasses everyone especially those who don’t see that funny because they are the epitome of it.

Face it. Rare is it would you find anyone who is basically good looking and brainy at the same time. Usually it’s just one of those. There are, however, a lot of trying hard-to-be-smart types who doesn’t seem to realize they are only making a fun of themselves when they open their mouth and it’s not even close to funny.

Forgive me for bringing this up, but do you remember that beauty queen, who I remembered was named Janine Sandiego (?) who half-giggled, half-babbled her way to victory? I know it’s already a worn out issue already but since I haven’t blogged anything about it (though I remember I was very vocal on voicing out my opinion on her winning to everyone I talk to) I guess it’s just fine for me to talk about it still. I mean, that girl, as much as I’m trying not be cynic about her, I just can’t see it why does she have to make a mess of herself by trying so hard to be at par with the rest of the contestants who are way much more fluent than her in English? Why didn’t she just stick to speaking her heart out in Filipino anyway? What, so she’d be more apt to be ‘beauty and brains’? Oh come on. No intention is ever good if it wasn’t executed as planned anyway. Plus not knowing how to answer in English doesn’t make anyone less intelligent.

 Nowadays, I feel like I’m getting older and older when I see those kids who are more concerned on how they look like than how they are progressing in school or just even in simple conversations. Like that time when I can’t stop but overhear how the girls at my back was out-bragging each other (I can’t think of any word sorry) by saying that they’d watch a more ‘horrific’ film one after another. If you could hear them you know that they are just a whole bunch of scared kids who just wanted to show off how cool they were and that they have to keep up with the pressure regardless whether they like the idea or not. Just take this girl with her younger brother next to us while watching a poor made horror flick. At first she was all ‘oh don’t you cry watching this, bro’ then 5 minutes after the opening credits she was the only one who was very jumpy with matching swearing at every turn. Pathetic.

By observation, these are some of the things that make the majority of our youngsters less of a generation you would like to leave the world in the hands of:

They are more aware of the hottest fashion trend than the latest bombing in some nearby city.

They can’t hear you, literally. Most of them have earphones/headphones (the bigger the better) stuck on their ears the entire time they won’t know if something is afoot.

The most exercised part of their body are their thumbs through constant texting.

The longest time you can make them read are around 1000 characters depending on their phone model.

Their sense of identity changes whichever is the trend, before it was all rock star, now it’s emo.

They only see little of the world because of two things: 1, they don’t think they have to and 2, due to their one side bangs that reach their chins.

Bonding with friends doesn’t involve eye to eye contact either because they are sitting next to them playing any game online for hours or just by being wasted drinking alcohol they’ve bought with lunch allowance.

They rarely finish college due to early pregnancies, laziness, drugs, peers, etc. Most of them don’t even have problems financially.

If they even manage to finish college, they’d end up with any job that is not related to the course they painstakingly took for four years or even more. Most of the time the reason is not because of lack of opportunities for that field, but rather the only jobs that would take them because they didn’t learn anything back in school.

Instead of learning sensible talents, they usually go for honing abilities they don’t have any future of because they don’t have it in the first place (e.g. a lot of kids today wanted to just draw ‘anime’ when all they can produce are bad-made drawings with no sense of perspective whatsoever).

The list, however, would have been longer if I could remember all my observations on a day to day basis. But as of now, that’s all I can think in one sitting so I’d be glad if anyone could share their thoughts on how the younger generation are all being apathetic of what matters. I wish I could do my best never to be like them of course. Add that to those who are trying as well. You see, anyone can go for so long as to keep themselves all pretty for everyone else’s eyes to see. But I do believe that no matter how pretty you are when you can’t keep any rational conversations then you are no good at anything still. What would you contribute then? Your pretty face? That’s the best you can do?


  1. sometimes its one, sometimes its none. Just look at my observations on the the culture based what 's in my office. Something for nothing.

  2. my blog is full of values of the culture as in terms of what comes out in the media since the media is merely a mirror of what the audience wants. Not what the audience needs or what can make the audience better. I will find specific examples next time.

  3. haha... it seems like they haven't received any grace at all. once anyone is neither beauty nor brains they may be 'too confident' of what they 'believe' they already have they didn't know what to do anything with what they're dealt with... ^_^

  4. oh!!! I haven't seen it that way!!! well technically haven't read nor watched it... just familiar... but wow... you've made it sound interesting now

  5. was going to give you youtube link for "I feel pretty" but you are still on dial up

  6. tina? whats wrong with brainless teenage girls? at least they wont start any nuclear wars... dont sweat the small stuff..

  7. they're stupid and annoying. you won't even date one

  8. I don't want to break my streak of being the dumb one in the relationship