T&J Travels #3: Bohol 2015 (Part 3)

+ Blood Compact Site +

Nothing much, we would have stayed longer but since we're running out of time to finish our Bohol-Panglao countryside tour, I only took a single photo.  I didn't even get close to it. (No thanks to the loitering photographers who doesn't like to give way)


+ Bohol Bee Farm +

An informative tour, this is also one of the guided tours I have truly enjoyed. He has shown us around, quizzed us as well and never stopped urging us that it's safe to hold over our heads a colony of bees.

An eco farm, I would have loved to dine in as well to try out their offerings but we're already running out of time. For the meantime, we've enjoyed their famous ice cream!


+ Hinagdanan Cave +

Seriously, we got in and out less than 10 minutes. We've descended the steps to a cave of birds (the ones who have their nests cooked as soup) which was also converted as a pool for everyone to swim at. Although everything is a bit slippery, the cave is a far cry from what I expect.


+ Treats Hotel +

Found downtown, our driver haven't heard of this the first time we told him. It does look new, even from the inside, and clean as well. Most of our neighbors are foreigners who treated the place as a boarding house, having their rooms opened for everyone to come in.

The food offerings are just silogs and sandwiches which is quite expensive for a meal. The room we got is clean but lacked some small stuff we expect to have: more outlets, a thicker blanket and pillow, more toiletries (for 2 days and 2 people we are given half a sachet size of shampoo+ conditioner). I am also weirded out with the shower head  and the faucet that have abnormal water outputs it probably needs thorough cleaning or changing even. And another thing. We hope they clean the sofa. It reeks.


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