Future Hobby/Collection : Re-ment Collectables

I am no newbie when it comes to miniatures. There are those small kits I found at Alabang, finished one and another still untouched. I loved making those tiny sofas and books, setting up wallpaper and such. It's enough to make a long weekend fruitful.

follow the link in Amazon: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Dollhouse-Miniature-DIY-Kit-with-Cover-and-LED-Wood-Toy-dolls-house-room-/261915992610

So I recently subscribed at this page forwarded by my sister:


After which my feed recommended me this channel:


I haven't heard of Re-ment before and was amazed at the detail the makers have put onto it. It looked so cute and as per description, really affordable. I took time to research on it and found that Toy Kingdom has it but is currently priced at the 300php++ mark, which is double from what I've converted it to. It's even worse when you get to see the price from the Japan store vs. from this site. It is tempting to but obviously I don't have much space here in my unit for such collectibles. I mean, I have this long life dream of collecting Sylvanian Families already, why not add more?

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