Heneral Luna: A Review

So I watched Heneral Luna yesterday and I think the best word that will describe the movie was that it was engaging. I can imagine history buffs be mad at some scenes but the disclaimer at the intro plus the fact that it's a movie should be an indicator that we should expect artistic touches. 

The movie even with the laughs and the antics are inherently depressing. A lot of the sensible lines are heart tugging mainly because those are truths we as a Filipino have forgotten or most probably have just shrugged off. Listen properly and you'd realize how it's as poetic as soon as the funnies are over.

Going at the movie I knew he was going to die tragically so I wasn't surprised at all (tell that to the girl who was sobbing loudly at our row) but what have truly made me weepy was the fictional interview setting of the key characters in Antonio Luna's life with a tattered and bloody Philippine flag at the background. We all knew it was going to retell the backstabbing mess he got himself into but it was still equally melancholic even though I don't think the exaggerated part took place. I can't help but get teary eyed every time I remember what MacArthur said there on how we just got rid of the only General we got. From there on it struck a chord on how sad his life was, the treachery of it all. At times like these I realize I love my country more than I thought. If I would be more honest, there are times when I listen to our National Anthem I choke myself holding back tears. 

Seeing how successful the first movie was there's no way they won't bank on the unexpected popularity of Heneral Luna. There's a huge probability they'd do a Gregorio del Pilar but let's not forget Bonifacio too. Both were tragic endings but with different circumstances. But whatever it is though, I would surely keep my eyes open for the next one.

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