A Crafty Morning with LifeAfterBreakfastPH

A friend of mine didn't need to convince me to sign up to a calligraphy workshop when she brought it up. I just asked when and how much! We tried to look elsewhere just to satisfy the itch, so when our schedules were finally right (Sunday mornings are just not good, the rest of the Saturdays were more plans) we finally booked a session (2500 php)

I arrived second, excited at the prospect of using nibs once again. I was able to use one when I was younger but I have no idea how to use it properly since our instructors are as clueless as well. Fast forward to today, it is nice that I will now be taught the best practices for this hobby. 

Ms. Alessa's work, given after we introduce our seatmates

The standards were taught, types of nibs, holders, inks and paper. See, I can't even remember my teacher telling me which paper is best used! She assisted us too, while we did the sample drills which I'm hoping to perfect with practice.

Overall we're so much happy after the workshop, we'd probably get more workshops from her in the future for reasons we are lucky to find out:

1. She's been a crafter her entire life so there's probably not an aspect of the craft she doesn't know. Her experience is worth the fee. 
2. The materials she'd let us use are not cheap, we got nibs, holders (pen and oblique), 2 Dr. Martin inks and virgin pulp papers. Even our snacks are from Contis.
3. She's a co-hoarder of art materials. Who would not like people like that?

How I Got There:

Google maps wanted to make me do an Ayala Route, but having to go without a car, I devised my own way. on a route I'm more familiar with. 

1. From MRT Mantrade station, I took a jeep going to Washington
2. I got off at Little Tokyo and walked from there. Salcedo Street is a good 2-3 minutes away, depending on how fast or slow you walk.
3. Prism Gallery is at the edge of the road it was on.

How To Sign Up:

Check her website at Life After Breakfast PH