People-LESS Birthday Year One (12.29.08)

I was currently cleaning my tags that I didn't know I was actually deleting old posts of mine. Here's one of my really old post that I was able to recover the content. Blogger does not allow me to use to republish the old one anymore so I'm just reposting. Just look at that grammar years ago :-D


Woohoo. Contrary to Mark’s comment that this day would have emo-ments, nope, I didn’t have any. Today is my day and I’m saying no to all disappointments, hence, celebrating the day of my birth on my own. I did treat my family yesterday (12.28.2008) as planned and today it would be just me, me and me. No more to expecting people who I’d love to come and who I wishingly won’t, no more people expecting things from me (when someone asks me for something and I don’t have the means to provide it i’d feel way worse than the person who never had it.) or from them as well(I feel so immuned of not receiving anything on my birthday because it is the worst day to ever have a birthday, smacked in between Christmas and New Year), no more everythings. Just me and anything I wanted.
And Mark? Don’t start. I don’t have any photos. My oh-so reliable phone died on me because my mom kept on calling me in times I couldn’t answer. And when she finally did stop, my phone is on it’s last bar. And I haven’t even reached the mall yet.

I started the day (12 am) by turning my phone on, receiving messages from 4 people. That would be (in order of when I received their messages): Ate Jam, Mark, Mytle (she sent me the message as –Mytle & Carl) and Carlo R. The 4th I wasn’t expecting. But I was happy with those first 3 already I don’t care who’d greet (or not) me for the rest of the day (all together now: Awww...) I was smiling from ear to ear as I found myself the best position to sleep (it took me an hour to finally doze off).
I woke up at around 6, logged on the net, updated this account of some photos I have (I am migrating everything from all of my accounts, friendster, flickr, photobucket, every account I have of, the huge number of photos I have on this computer’s disk and even grabbing photos from friends who share the same memories but in different cameras), chatted Carl, asking him a favor of purchasing me 500php worth of scrapbook materials which I’d pay for later. He said he’d just send it via mail and I believe he just said I don’t need to pay for it anymore (woohoo Carl!). I also asked for their (Myt & Carl’s) multiply account before logging off.

I have my father drop me at MoA before he’d gone to work (I agreed to pay him 28php after all the gambling we had on road) and there. I was free. My People-LESS birthday starts from here.
It’s been a long time since I’ve went to MoA on my own, and I’ve always hated going there. I would have gone to Glorietta instead but I am in a strict budget. I couldn’t do that there. I know where to go. I may be walking myself home if I was left to roam Glo after almost missing it for a year. Now, the reason why I don’t like MoA as much as Glo is because of my bad sense of direction (I mean it. When I was in Grade 2 I didn’t even know how to reach home on foot from school – and they are in the same subdivision! I almost got lost and I’m serious when I say I almost thought I’d become a child of the streets) and MoA thoroughly blinds me. I’ve been there for a whole lot of times but I would always get lost leaving me thirsty and with murdered feet.

 The first shop I ever went to was Powerbooks. I’ve always wanted to apply for a Powercard (my Laking National Card is with me for almost 6 years) and I’ve always told myself to have one every year with no avail. Haha! One of my dreams just came true! I’ve also applied for an SM Advantage Card, which I wasn’t able to get one since it’s launch. Those two applications already made my day. Finally. I have those cards I’m longing to have. Now I really need to buy a new wallet. Mine only have 10 sleeves. Now to apply for those credit card companies... (Oh Bong... find my TIN# please!!!!!!!!!)

And so for my lunch. I can’t find any restaurant where there are no families steaming out of the place. I can’t even find Burgoo! And so hungry, I accidentally walked on to Tokyo Cafe. A safe choice since I’ve already eaten there once where I’ve treated my mom to lunch. I’ve always wondered how their burger tastes like so I ordered one and my all time favourite cheesecake. So it’s Gyoza Burger (it comes with fries), Japanese Cheesecake and Iced Peach Tea. The burger has this weird taste but I like it, their fries tasted strongly of the root crop, not your average fries and the peach tea was wonderful.

After which I walked round and round finding my way through which is which. I’ve always asked where is this and that but ended up not going there at all. I even looked for scrapbook items in all the places possible which I thought would be different around here but as I found out ATC offers way much better items. I even smiled so wildly when I realized I kept on going back in the mall with the same lady guard who obliviously checked my bag over and over not noticing who I was.
Speaking of bags, it took me such long hours to find a new bag, I kept switching what I like considering the small varieties I can choose from. I’m quite finicky with the handle of all of my bags, because I always have that problem, spending too much for bags that would only last for a month or two because the bag handles always fail on me. I need them looking cute, huge and sturdy at the same time. In the end I bought that silvery bag with rope-like handles.

I also bought a new body spray, which I would promise to be the only perfume I would wear starting this year- Eve of Pink Soda. And I would be taking home some chocolate cookies (Deutche), a bargain, and this would definitely have my sisters mouths shut for a while (heheh).

Tired of walking I estimate would be miles already, I settled to take a break at Lord Stows Bakery, asking for Tuna Supreme and their own Japanese Iced Tea. The tuna was so much so I have to take the other half home but their iced tea was, as I found, I liked better than Tokyo Tokyo’s.

So much for thinking my day was over. I was walking on that pavement far from the main mall when my wedges gave up. Darn it. I inched my way towards the van and worried the condition of my toes. That is some horror for me. I can’t exactly walk towards the mall, it’s stupid, it’s so far! So I chose to just walk towards the van to take me for as long as to Imus, somewhere I can find some cheap stall selling any form of foot wear.

For an hour in the van I kept on convincing myself I can make it inching my damaged wedges towards the stalls. I found myself limping and you should have seen my face lit up when I was on that stall in FRC. I bought a pair for 100php, thanking myself for having that last money on my pocket.

And there I conclude my day. I went home, nothing to tell other than I started writing this blog but stopped halfway. I just feel so tired my body is dragging me straight to bed (that is after doing my evening rituals).

Woohoo... I would do this next year. Don’t even bother in talking me out of it. It may sound boring to you but I did have a good time. Next year I’d try to go to Manila Ocean Park ALONE. Ooo I can’t wait! ^-^

*I can’t afford proof reading this one. I’m just too weary... Not to mention as if I’m a good one. Haha