Diet Series = 3 (Part 1)


I now know how to eat kiwi!

Delivery Time: Morning

They are the earliest. For two weeks they basically woke me up from slumberland. They did fail one time but it never happened again.

What to expect:
-Specialized LBD Paper Bag
-Quote for the day and Menu
-3 Sets of black spoons, forks and tissues
-3 Meals w 1 Snack. Meals come in reusable containers.

Most prepared. I never  have to worry about utensils because of them. I also loved that they've put effort into printing quotes and menus and it comes with LBD's customized paper bags.

Customer Service:

Friendly, they abide with their own system: based on my experience when I registered with a certain email and sent my deposit slip attachment through a different address, it made them not acknowledge my slip until I corrected it. They have also let me not have any citrus fruits without extra charge.


While everything is perfect for me, the food has yet to catch up. Most of the time my meat does not have any distinct flavor to tell them apart. They also serve Skyflakes which may be okay as a snack, but I would really love to get prepared snacks. However, LBD is recommended for those who are really cutting in their sugar intake. I remembered on my 2nd week around Tuesday I had a lingering headache. The next day I was craving for Sambos (the ones from Brownies unlimited). Later on I will find out that the headache was actually the result of having limited sugar intake hence, on that Wednesday when I had that sambos my head was much much better.

Price: 2200 (1800 calories) 1900 (1500 calories)

Why I probably won't repeat the service:

I'm just too tired chewing on meat that tastes bland. Although it does feel like I'm on a diet since the food has no msg, it just makes me miss salt more. I didn't get to try 1200 calorie meals, just 1800 and 1500 so it was all satiating. You won't feel hungry for the day.

2 Weeks of  LBD



Delivery Time: 8AM onwards

Which means, I have to wait for it in the office, and I need to be early so that the rider wouldn't have to take too long. The problem is, this poses a problem for those who does not have office refs. One time I was out of the office for more than 2 hours (with my remaining dinner on my bag, walking to and fro Ortigas). When I got home, the food already smells bad. From then on I have to go home as early as I can to make sure my food survives.

What to expect:
-Orange plastic with paper bag and your name on a sticker
-1 Set of white spoon, fork and tissue
-3 Meals w 1 Snack. Meals come in reusable containers.

I started bringing in my extra utensils from LBD so I can cope with just a pair.

Customer Service:

Aside from losing my meal on the second day (they delivered it much later), they were very apologetic and offered 3 days free the next week. They even called to say sorry as personal as they can. They didn't even flinch in giving me the discount.


Sometimes they have the same standard flavorless meats only with varying sauces but the rest of it really tasted great. I also loved the effort on their baked snacks, granted some of them lack sugar, but that is understandable due to the calorie count. You won't miss your chocolate muffins for instance. Snacks come with Clipper teas too and not your basic Lipton yellow tea. For two weeks of 1200, I cheated on adding snacks, via crackers and nuts so I can get by from breakfast through lunch.

Price: 1800

Why I probably won't repeat the service:

Office delivery. I really would love it at home so I don't need to worry about my dinner.

2 Weeks of Delicious Diet



Delivery Time: Evenings (day before)

This is the first time I tried evening deliveries so you would imagine my shock when on a Sunday evening someone is knocking at my door. I completely forgot I ordered! And since it's night delivery, it's not as fresh anymore for the rest of the day. One time my soup (milk based) had already turned sour I wasn't able to enjoy it anymore. My last day was also frustrating, I didn't get to eat my lunch as the veggies smelled sour already.

What to expect:
-Standard paper bag with Daily's Diet sticker.
-No utensils
-3 Meals w 2 Snacks. Meals come in one time use containers (with stickers) although some snacks come in reusable ones. Both are microwaveable.

Customer Service:

Just like before, this second delivery service have just lost my meal. They didn't know where it was and was advised that I check for it myself. I was aghast and refused to do so, since
1. It's already late
2. I specifically said 9pm ONWARDS not before
3. I was never informed that it was left at the lobby, and I never agreed to that.
4. Which lobby?! There are multiple towers, so who knows where it was left.

I was just too tired that night (I was still texting them nearing 11pm) and refused to search for my meal (cranky because of GOT's S05EP06 ending). They've decided to make a refund for the day and a 600php meal discount if I ordered the week after.


Awesome. Like around 80-90% flavorful. They also integrate a lot of herbs and tomatoes based from experience that sometimes the smell make me think twice if my food have already spoiled. I also remembered the unchewable asparagus (the whole stalk was there, and I remembered there's only a specific length that remain edible). Prepared snacks and fruits are also a treat. I cannot wait eating my meals whenever they arrive!

Price: 1950

Why I probably won't repeat the service:

Late night delivery. In my two weeks I ended up more exhausted than I should waiting for my meals to come.

2 Weeks of Daily's Diet be continued


  1. kaya pala wala ng pagkain sa bahay mo! hahaha xD