Paint the town green w/ The Script (04.17.2015)

Days before I have told Reagan that I would wear green to the concert because one of their songs highlighted the said color. He teased me that the song I thought of would not be played so I looked for the setlist and learned that the first song, as I've predicted would be Paint the Town Green.

We came there just in time when Silent Sanctuary was over (we had an abominable dinner earlier upstairs) and a few minutes before poles of green cloth appeared by the cockpit entrance. It's apt since the song really does sound Irish in so many levels, I could only be more excited!

But then it was ruined when the band came in, everyone started standing on their seats blocking my view and everyone else's who didn't follow suit. Reagan insisted that I do the same but I couldn't... I don't have the heart to put my dirty shoes on the soft seats. I tried for a minute but it seemed so wrong. I took the attention of the girl in front of me, and she did look, but never budged while standing. It was so frustrating that tears started falling on my face. I could not hear the song anymore. In my head, this was not how I imagined the opening would be, it was too awful. This was supposed to be a happy song, I even wore a shirt that said Lucky with a Tweety bird with a leprechaun hat. It was perfect in my head! I felt so defeated I can't think straight anymore.

 Halfway through the song, marshals (FINALLY) managed to get people down. I grabbed an arm of one, just as he was passing (he was at the row at our back) pointing him to the girl who is still standing on her seat. What she did frustrated me more when instead of going down as told, leaped on the seat right in front of her to stand once more. Rudeness of teens nowadays are so unbelievable! Much later on, everyone was not on their seats, finding the best place to take a video. At this moment we did the same too. We inched farther and farther away from our designated areas, until we get to the middle aisle where no one occupies. Everyone was piling up in front out reaching each other with their tablets (roll eyes) and shot gun cameras.

I forgot the song that was being played when people started moving out. We're not sure why it is but when Reagan said about a piano in the middle of the concert hall (there's a small coral for the technical team and a small stage for drums, piano and guitar) I immediately pulled him towards it and was able to secure a really good access! What made it more special is they sang two of their ballads which made the moment A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I got tears again, but this time it was a happy one (a drop or two) because of our luck. My evening reached it's happiness peak so to speak. I felt vindicated in a way, that because I didn't blew up on the girl earlier, this was a gift of the heavens for shutting it. I'm actually smiling as of writing. I wonder where the girl was earlier?

When done, the group disappeared again (sorcery I tell you) and Danny appeared on the left side (view from the stage) with a go pro. Obviously the mob went crazy again. More songs were sang, (I couldn't say a favorite since I loved each and one of their songs) and I grew fulfilled more and more as the night went on. For the last song, Hall of Fame, there were confetti (a sad confetti! there were just small weird pieces and really absurdly long ones. Last concert the confetti was falling like rain and was beautiful on video, but that was on Araneta) all over and then the concert is done.

Earlier too, Reagan said something about picks. Obviously that is where his eyes are. I never noticed Danny throwing anything NOR any of those in front picking up anything, too busy with taking videos. I was thrilled by this so I started pulling him again, now to the front area where everyone is already leaving. I was lucky to get one from the floor that no one attempted to pick and Reagan too, after a quick search near the blockade. This capped the entire night! I was grinning on the way out. They're too crazy about set lists and unopened bottled water and long confettis and this is nothing compared to those random items! I hope they would never learn haha!

I also wish that in the future, The Arena would have better marshals for crowd control. They may have the newer dome, but seriously, you cannot do any of that at Araneta, you will be called out real early. You cannot move out of your seat, you cannot even stand on it, you cannot be a privileged brat.

I haven't missed a single concert and I don't have any plans on doing so in the future. I have been a fan of their music for so long (just that, I don't watch videos but their lyrics and music are embedded in my head already!) to stop. I just hope I won't encounter them again! And probably next time, I would stay out of the coral area, if it meant that I won't have raging teenage girls in front of me again. The night wasn't perfect but it was an experience that is too overwhelming to not earn tears of joy.