Yexel's Toy Museum Las Pinas (1.24.2015)

I heard of the toy museum just in time for my visit to Reagan's turf. It was very convenient too, because it is a stone's throw away from their house.

If you so happen to look for it, it is just a walkable distance at the back of SM Southmall. You might catch a tricycle so you don't need to ask as well. You won't miss it too, just look at the facade:

It's 300 entrance fee per head, I have no idea how it would fare for kids. Near the entrance you will be greeted by this family:

Too bad the hair of Lisa was already broken. 

We were told that some of the display were commissioned while some are bought. By that alone you will know why the entrance fee is quite expensive. The museum is a mix of toys in glass cabinets and those large toy store worthy displays that obviously are worth a fortune like this one:

It would have been nice though if the displays are so far apart on their own genre and without this unsightly glass lines. This display down here is one of my favorites but I couldn't find a good angle where the stick that lifts Neo won't be seen, the glass line won't be apparent, Shrek, Donkey and Casper not on the background. 

The highlight of the tour would have to be Optimus Prime. This also answers the weird floor setup. They have to have a special area for this big boy right here:

It ain't perfect, but it was amazing in real life. We spent a good enough minutes there alone finding the best ways to take a selfie with.

Yexel's is open even weekends! So if you have nowhere else to go for the weekend, try mingling with your childhood playmates in real life.

Gallery here