Forty Four

January 29 was a normal day for most of us. But not for 44 men, soldiers. The last time I heard such massacre was in the Ampatuan case and I remembered how, while seeing the flash news on the cafeteria's TV, the taste of my fish suddenly tasted funny, and I lost my appetite. I wasn't eating this time, but I remembered saying to my office mate, good thing I already ate. I might have not eaten anything again.

Melancholy enveloped my body. As of writing, I feel like crying again. Yes again. I could not understand it but it happened while I was watching the news and their photos were shown, I could't help but weep-- for a future that would never happen, for their dreams, for their families. I surprise myself at times like this. 

I never felt so betrayed by my country's leaders until now. I am aware of the problems of my nation but people dying because of incompetence, it's depressing. And reading how these BIFF/MILF still wanted peace talks after this murder? I say no. Please no. Our government needs to grow balls. What happened was clearly overkill, shooting them twice to ensure death. That could never be self defense. The ratio of deaths of both sides are not even remotely close. What does this mean? Are we overpowered by rebels? If yes, WHY?! And why don't we have anyone to take the blame on this, because clearly, our soldiers don't have much to work with. Because if they do, the casualties won't be this disastrous. 44 lives were taken and no one steps up to take the blame. 

It doesn't even help how on the day of mourning our President wasn't there. And how on a later moment his speech was suddenly about his father. Not everything is about you and your parents! Yes we already know your dad died, you've never stopped reminding us of that, thank you. But look at you, comparing yourself to mothers and children who not only lost their spouses and fathers, but lost their means of living as well. They will literally start from scratch. Are they getting anything from the government though? I just hope it's not just that stupid DSWD fund they've put up for civilians to donate to. 

For the entire time our leader never really owned anything that happened to our country, so as harsh as it would sound, I doubt their investigations would come up with anything. Another sacrificial lamb/fall guy perhaps? It won't be surprising at all. 

I'm leaving you with an excerpt of a good quote for a Senior Inspector, and the 44 men who experienced first hand what is wrong with this country.

“Sabi ni [Senior Inspector John Garry] EraƱa sa tatay niya, 'there is no glory in the PNP.' Sabi ko sa sarili ko, there is no glory in this country. This country is not worth dying for kung yung gobyerno natin, hindi kami kayang protektahan as a warrior, sir. Kasi kailangan rin namin ng proteksyon ng gobyerno,” Senior Inspector Mile Melloria from the SAF told Interior Secetary Manuel Roxas II on Sunday, February 1.

Rest in Peace Brave Men!

Sr. Insp. Ryan Ballesteros Pabalinas
Sr. Insp. John Garry Alcantara Erana
Sr. Insp. Max Jim Ramirez Tria
Sr. Insp. Cyrus Paleyan Anniban
Sr. Insp. Gednat G. Tabdi
Insp. Joey Sacristan Gamutan
Insp. Rennie Tayrus
SPO1 Lover L. Inocencio
PO3 Rodrigo F. Acob Jr.
PO3 Virgel S. Villanueva
PO3 Andres Viernes Duque Jr.
PO3 Vitoriano Nacion Acain
PO3 Noel Onangey Golocan
PO3 Junrel Narvas Kibete
PO3 Jed-In Abubakar Asjali
PO3 Robert Dommolog Aliaga
PO3 John Lloyd Rebammonte Sumbilla
PO2 Amman Misuari Esmulla
PO2 Peterson I. Carap
PO2 Roger C. Cordero
PO2 Nicky DC Nacino Jr.
PO2 Glenn Berecio Badua
PO2 Chum Goc-Ong Agabon
PO2 Richelle Salangan Baluga
PO2 Noel Nebrida Balaca
PO2 Joel Bimidang Dulnuan
PO2 Godofredo Basak Cabanlet
PO2 Franklin Cadap Danao
PO2 Walner Faustino Danao
PO2 Jerry Dailay Kayob
PO2 Noble Sungay Kiangan
PO2 Ephraim G. Mejia
PO2 Omar Agacer Nacionales
PO2 Rodel Eva Ramacula
PO2 Romeo Valles Senin II
PO1 Russel Bawaan Bilog
PO1 Angel C. Kodiamat
PO1 Windell Llano Candano
PO1 Loreto Guyab Capinding
PO1 Gringo Charag Cayang-o
PO1 Romeo Cumanoy Cempron
PO1 Mark Lory Orloque Clemencio
PO1 Joseph Gumatay Sagonoy
PO1 Oliebeth Ligutan Viernes