The Sto. Papa Experience

Nope I wasn't there. But sitting idly on my sofa make me realize things.

Like how his smile was awfully contagious. How, in spite of rain and hours of standing people are actually waiting. For a few days, a lot of Pinoys have actually missed their telenovelas and their nonsensensical weekend rituals for a glimpse of the Santo Papa.

I'm not even Catholic. And never have I intended to go but in all honesty, man, this Pope is truly charming. And for someone to charm me over the TV, that's a first. But you know what have drawn me so much in watching him when I can? He's f*cking* fearless.

Not from the Phils. but probably my most favorite pic of his. He didn't notice he's wearing a rosary from what was thrown from the crowd.

When he came, it was night, I was already at home and eating my pita dinner. I was right on time seeing his very white pope mobile cruising through the limited lights of our street littered by people on both sides screaming. I don't have anyone to argue with but I was scrutinizing the mobile if it was like the previous one with all the glass fittings on all sides. And all of a sudden I realize it was open. Like really. There was even a time he almost extended half of his body reaching out to anyone who can. My amazement was cut short because of this knowledge fearing what might happen. I take a bit of comfort that his mobile is going fast and that he has too many guards keeping close to his vehicle.

On his last morning here, I remembered being in the office monitoring if we're successful in the send off. I was looking for the most recent articles showing how it went. I gave a really satisfying sigh when I found out his plane has flown safe and sound. I'm really happy of the outcome. We may not share a common belief 100% but I feel exhilarated myself. It may not be religion-wise but seeing a jolly old fella that isn't the laughing red wearing mythical kind, it's awfully refreshing.

*That is not exactly an appropriate adverb (am I correct?!) but I have to put emphasis on fearless.